Is chivalry dead? After reading Mr. Marshall’s recent letter, I am wondering if it might be. I hope I am not on a sinking ship with him or behind him going through a door. He seems to take umbrage with the time-honored tradition of women and children going first in a lifeboat, and the man holding the door for a woman. He cites the feminist movement as the reason for his discontent.

I do think sometimes the feminist thing can be carried too far. I have heard some women will not let a man hold the door open for them; they will deliberately go through the other door. I consider it an honor when a man holds the door for me. I always thank them and try to hurry on in so they don’t have to stand there too long. If I go in first and a man is behind me, I hold the door for him. It is the polite thing to do.

As to the workplace, if a woman takes a physically demanding job, she should have the requisite ability to meet the task. She should not be coddled and expected to do less just because she is a woman. It is demeaning to her and not fair to the men working with her. A company should not be forced to hire a woman, just to meet a minority quota, when she is not able or qualified to do the job.   

Now, mentally, I think a woman is on equal footing with a man. Although bodies and muscles may differ a lot, a brain, is a brain, is a brain. I don’t think there is much difference between male and female when it comes to mental superiority. In jobs that require intelligence and interpersonal skills, there is no question that women can absolutely excel.   

 Another problem unique to women is that they are still considered to be the caretakers of the home and children, which can be a distraction if they hold a job outside the home. In that case, the husband should help. Nowadays, many men are stepping up to do that.

There should be equal pay for women in equal jobs as men. If they are able to do exactly the same job, they should be paid the same. Sometimes, that is not the case. After all, women were not allowed to vote until 1920!

Now, as far as the lifeboat, it seems that younger women with children to rear should merit foremost consideration in the order of things. Children are the future and every effort should be made so that they can carry on. 

I would probably step back and let Bert on ahead of me because I am an old woman and my life is mostly behind me, and he has more life left to live. But one never knows what one might do if actually put in that situation, and I might change my mind and just elbow him out of the way and hop right in.  

What we all need to realize is that everyone has worth in this world. There is much to disagree about in the pecking order of things, there always will be, but we all need to have respect and love for one another as fellow members of the human race. In that we should all agree.  


A former longtime Baytown resident, Ginger Stripling now lives in Mont Belvieu. She can be reached at,

Attention: Ginger Stripling.  

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Mrs. Stripling, I do believe Bert was being sarcastic. It reminds me when then candidate Trump asked Russia if they were listening to help find the 33,000 deleted Hillary E-Mails as the left wing media would really be interested. At least half the country thought he was joking as they voted for him. I vote Bert was joking...

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