I don’t know who is in charge of the North Main street repair, but I hope that person will check out the repairs. The street repair contractors are laying new concrete on North Main street but are not tying  the end to the new slab correctly to the old slab. The new slab is not parallel with the old slab – at least where it ties into the old slab. 

I drove down North Main for the first time in a long while from Highway 146 (Loop 201) toward Massey Tompkins Road, and it was bumpy every time you go over the new slab where it ties into the old slab. Being how the new slab is not that long and there are a lot of them --— it was bump, bump, bump, bump as you go down North Main. 

I am wondering if the City of Baytown is willing to pay for everyone’s front end repairs since this will damage the front end of their vehicle eventually if you travel down North Main a lot.

Leslie Haas


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This is only the first phase of a new technique called "diamond grinding" and it won't look like this in the end.

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