Buck stops with superintendent

The TEA school ratings are out and while Goose Creek CISD fared pretty well, Horace Mann, Highlands Elementary and Hopper Primary received an unacceptable grade of D!

In recent years these schools have received good grades. The demographics of the areas have not changed enough to cause this. The problems have to be in the schools. 

Have we been given inferior leadership? A teacher‘s job is difficult enough in the best of situations. But if a teacher does not have intelligent solid leadership on campus, success is not likely to happen. I’m sure there are a lot of unhappy, frustrated people on these campuses. 

The buck should stop on the desk of superintendent O’Brien. The schools  need help from administration to correct the problems they’re having to deal with.  I hope there are people are now working to assess the situation and correct whatever is needed.  

How would you feel if your child was attending a failing school? Would you want to buy a home in an area where the schools were failing.  This situation calls for immediate attention. The district motto should be “No failing schools in GCCISD!”

(I sent this letter to Mr. O’Brien and did not receive a response.)

Theresa Cashion


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