I fully agree with every point in Tom Kincaid’s letter to the editor “Socialist semantics” in Tuesday’s Baytown Sun.  Tom and I are both ardent Trump supporters because we and the majority of thoughtful American citizens love our country – as it used to be.  We all agree with Trump’s efforts to restore and protect the values that made America the envy of the world.

Another letter writer in Tuesday’s edition titled his article “Trump continuously fans the flames of racism.” I hate to repeat what he wrote, but in order to dispute his claims, here it is – “Seems like the GOP/NRA support white terrorists, hatred and gun violence toward Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, Jews, and gays.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

After the recent shootings, Trump immediately and strongly denounced “hatred and white supremists.” I personally watched all debates during Trump’s presidential bid and most of his rallies and news conferences to this date. Trump strongly supports Israel and the Jewish people. He has never denounced any person based on their skin color or nationality. All push-back comments from Trump were based on a person’s negative or incorrect comments, thoughts and ideas that were detrimental to our positive goals to make America great again.


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OK Jerry, you claim to be a "thoughtful" person. What do you think about the 11,000 lies Trump has told us during his presidency? What kind of mental gymnastics do you use to excuse that? Your message to us is that having a compulsive, serial liar in the white house is a good thing. That doesn't sound thoughtful to me. More like brainwashed than thoughtful.


Is Trump a racist? I don't know and neither does Mr. Jones. I do know that he spews racist comments at his rallies in particular, but it could be that he is saying things he doesn't mean, but deems those remarks necessary keep his racist base behind him. Then again, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, chances are pretty good that it is a duck.


One more thing. The only evidence you have supporting your claim that Trump is not a racist is Trump's word for it. The word of a man who has told 11,000 lies to us is worthless, except to brainwashed cult members.


My primary question to Mr. Jones is what point in time is he referring to when he uses the phrase “as it use to be.”

Alan H

Mr Jones, if someone first condones the murderous actions of white supremacists and then condemns the actions later, most "thoughtful" people would call that person a liar. If someone hired a white supremacist who used to tell Latinos to speak only English in high school, most thoughtful people would conclude that both were white supremacist and racists. Trump's chief policy advisor Stephen Miller has strong ties to white supremacists, racism and the NRA. Remember what your momma told you Jerry, if Trump Republicans lie down with white supremacist dogs, they get infested with fleas and racism, too.

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