In Wednesday’s “Cheers & Jeers” column, the “Jeers” article called President Trump a “bigot” for telling the four Democratic congresswomen that they should go back to where they came from.

That article should have been under the “Cheers” column. Those four women are complete idiots when it comes to knowing what is good for our country. Every word that comes from their mouths proves that they have no allegiance to the United States of America or for the values that our country was founded upon. If their values are implemented here, our country will quickly go down the toilet.  

Despite all the Democratic opposition in Congress, President Trump has already accomplished more good for the USA and our citizens than any other president in history. He is the best president we have ever had, and I look forward to his next four years in office. Negative political articles like what was in The Sun, and the extremely negative political cartoons in The Sun inspire me more than ever to continue voting Republican because I love my country and want it to always be the best country on earth.

Jerry L. Jones


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The greatest president EVER? Better than Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt? Why is it, Mr. Jones, that in a poll of 91 historians conducted by CBS News, Trump is rated dead last? A Business Insider poll of political scientists came to the same conclusion. Ditto for the American Political Scientists Association's poll. I challenge you to come up with a legitimate poll in which Donald Trump is not rated as our WORST president ever.


Like the polls in 2016?

Alan H

Jerry, you should buy a bottle of Prevagen. Your brain waves are flat-lining. Trump is the best liar, best racist, and best divider President ever elected by less than a majority of voters. In reality, Trump is the WORST President ever, as documented by Frank above. Time to face facts, Jerry. The Reptile Republican party of lies, racism and white supremacy is over. Dems won't allow Nazi-loving Republicans to destroy America. And anyone who reads your article will presume that your endorsement of President Tripe identifies your values as those of a lying, racist bigot, just like your hero.


Bless your heart...


Thank you Jerry for saying the very same things I believe and thank you for your service, Captain. You evidently threw a rock, cause I heard some squeelin'!

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