Is Donald Trump fit to be President or is he nuts? Just answer “nuts” or “not nuts” to the following true real life examples:

1. Trump recently described himself as “like the King of Israel,” “the second coming of God” and the “Chosen One.” (Nuts or not nuts?)  

2. Trump said everyone in America is rich from his tax cuts.

3. Even though July recorded the highest budget deficit since 2010 and 85% of US economists say tariff wars are causing a recession and farmers are going bankrupt at the fastest rate in history, Trump thinks the economy is fine.

4. Trump said if you don’t vote for him in 2020, you’ll lose your 401k because he’s the only person in America who can keep the economy from tanking.

5. Even though 75% to 80% of Jews normally vote for a Democrat, Trump declared Jews are stupid, (total lack of knowledge) and disloyal to Israel for voting that way.

5. Trump abruptly canceled a planned visit to Denmark and called Denmark’s Prime Minister a nasty woman because she disagreed with his idea to buy Greenland.

After reading these actual examples of Trump’s behavior, it’s clear — Trump is nuts!                     

Alan Hudgins



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Well done Alan. Sadly, diehard Trump supporters will ignore his unhinged behavior and even find inane ways to excuse it.


Trump also said this week that his own hand-picked Fed chairman is an "enemy of the people". Yes, he is nuts.

Alan H

Thanks Frank. Trump's nuttiness is outrageous. Now he thinks he can abolish the 14th Amendment with an executive order. I understand Trump supporters will now be called TrumpNuts. The GOP will be called GOPON, (Grand Old Party Of Nuts). And Republican will be changed to Republicanuts. MAGA hats will read MANA, (Make America Nuts Again). I hope the FBI has ordered Trump to be measured for a straightjacket just in case he simultaneously declares war on China and Iran.

Alan H

Good News. If deranged Trump decides to fly one of his new spacecraft for his Space Force Dept., he won't need any training because he's already an astroNut.


From Joe Walsh, conservative talk show host, former Republican congressman: “The country is sick of this guy’s tantrums. He’s — he’s a child. Again, the litany — he lies every time he opens his mouth. Look at what’s happened this week. He is — the president of the United States is tweeting us into a recession. I can tell you … that most of my former colleagues up on the Hill, they agree privately with everything I’m saying.” He reiterated, “You can’t believe a word he says. And again, I don’t care about your politics, that should concern you. He’s nuts. He’s erratic. He’s cruel. He stokes bigotry. He’s incompetent. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Alan H

If only the deaf, dumb and blind cult conservative Republicanuts would admit the truth. Trump is bonkers. I was appalled when I saw King Donald Nuts giving an info-mercial about his luxurious Florida golf course during the G-7 Summit. And then to find out that America's Chief Nut skipped out of the G-7 Climate Change Meeting, all while the Amazon rain forrest is burning to the ground.


I understand that right wing-nuts hitched their wagon to Trump’s star and their personal investment makes it hard to face objective reality. But they are not dumb, so you wonder at what point do they admit that Trump was a mistake. It’s a bit like supporting your favorite football team. You are all in and believe the propaganda coming from the team’s website. You paint your face in school colors and buy season tickets, fully expecting a championship. Then comes the first game. Your team is down by 50 points in the fourth quarter. Reality sets in. Your team sucks. Hopefully it’s the fourth quarter for those Trump supporters who have the objectivity to see that Trump sucks.

Alan H

Do you know what section of the White House is Trump's favorite? The West Wing-nut. I heard Trump is having the oval office remodeled to resemble the shape of a walnut. True story, King Donald The Nut wants to use nuclear bombs to explode hurricanes before they reach America. I also heard Trump has tentatively agreed to become the spokesmodel for Planter's Nuts soon after resigning his current job as Top Nut. There's a rumor that Trump and Putin are teaming up to produce a new snack product called Putin-nuts, or P-nuts for short. After eating one bag, you'll have an urge to go to a voting booth and choose a Republicanut.

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