Hmmm. Who to believe about the coronavirus? Medical professionals or Raymond Martin in his recent letter? Do I believe people who have years of study, training, and practice in the medical field or a person with zero medical training whose mind is fogged up by Obama obsession and Trump subservience? 

Tough decision. I’ll have to think about it.

Frank Butcher


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This letter to the editor has only one purpose and it is to slam a fellow citizen who has an opposing political view. What a churlish response and shameful in the extreme.


Bert, where were you with your righteous indignation when I was the derisive subject of James Connealy’s letter? I sense a double standard. Could it be that you are selectively tolerant of far right rants?

I actually thought I went easy on N/A. When, in the middle of a medical crisis, an idiot posts advice that could be harmful and is counter to the advice of medical professionals, his stupidity deserves to be recognized.

If you, N/A, Connealy, et. al. would like for me to quit posting, all you have to do is quit sending in your pro-Trump letters.


Hey N/L when Trump's response and actions let sixty million people get infected get back with me like H1N1 did.



What a churlish response and shameful in the extreme.


Hey N/L chicken little, is the sky falling? There certainly is an idiot but it isn't me. Thank god we have a real leader at the helm. You listening to the briefings N/L? I'm still waiting on clown Obama to give one..

Alan H

One thing is certain. We can't believe Trump. If Trump's lips are moving he's lying. Frank has facts while the other two sink into mindless drivel.

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