I would challenge everyone to do a little critical thinking. I’m not trying to make light of any deaths, these are just the facts.

According to Texas Health and Human Services the Texas death rate is 0.0088%. As horrible as that number is, I’m worried about the living souls. Forcing them to suffer the trials of another shutdown is far worse. 

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You are exactly correct. Of the many strains of flu, why is it the majority of us never get it? It is because our personal lifestyles keep us apart from other people who could possibly infect us. Our government needs to support our attempts to be virus free through education and solutions, not by ruining our livelihood. We are not stupid for the most part, but are treated like we are being herded.


Not sure where you learned you math but 2,500,000 abs 126,000 death from covid is just over 5%. I think you need to do some critical thinking.

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