Indeed, we had an American Empire. We built it by force, by maneuvering the political processes to ensure our puppets in power, and some cases we tried to buy in the name of development and defense aid. That is why in my travel around the world I found America as object of both envy and hate. However, all empires collapse, and it lasts for about 200 years. Their collapse is always from rot within. That has been happening for a couple of years now. Our politics of extremism, not only in the area related to immigration these days but foreign policy, will divide us and escalate our move on the slippery slope. 

The triad of our military umbrella, economic cooperation, and the rule of law has been the source of our strength and the source of general world-wide admiration. It may have reached its apex under President Obama and, unfortunately, started an unpleasant decline under Donald J. Trump. They are being thrown away with baby-snatching. 

We must be outraged because it is happening no matter where it is happening. And history has taught us that we must recognize that. Whether it has been our scorched policies in fire-bombing, agent orange, napalm, biological weapons, millions of tons of bombs halfway around the world or hideous things we did to Iran in 1953 or what we did to Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people under false pretense or many other instances like our support for a radical kingdom whose oil rich region have captured the eyes of our officials therefore forcing them to turn a blind eye to the kingdom’s atrocities being committed against dirt-poor families in Yemen, a land where they would prefer a temporary baby-snatching to the destruction of their homes and the famine of nearly eight million people engineered by our Saudi proxies!

The consequences of our often-one-sided decisions for this once-magnificent empire backfired every single time. It’s an ugly truth. Trump’s decisions have the potential to top them all however other presidents, at times, have made regretful ones too. 

I mean America has not been perfect, but we were founded on the concept that we as citizens of this land had unalienable rights. We did not always live up the promise and have done some egregious things and have been divided, but not since the Civil War has our country felt so at odds with itself. Trump is a symptom, not a cause, and the causes are many. We do not communicate - lobbing insults on Facebook and Twitter is not communication, and the 24-hour news cycle does not always inform but creates feelings of anxiety and “loneliness.”

Until conservatives and progressives and those in between realize and speak to each other and know that we all share in the benefits of the American experiment, we will continue to be fractured.

Ed Sullivan


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America reached it's apex under Obama, are you kidding me? His foreign policy decisions left the middle east in flames, responsible for the deaths of 1/2 million people in Iraq, Syria and the death of an American Ambassador. Obama's bone headed decision in Fast and Furious left (2) American Agents dead. Millions more on food stamps, more people out of the labor force since the 70's and a GDP that never reached 2%. Take the blinders off Ed and remember the favorite quote from James Carville, "Its the economy stupid". We will hit 4% GDP the last quarter. We have been the world's whipping boy paying for everything from the United Nations to abortions in foreign countries. About time a leader has said enough and put American interest first. Keep your eye on the ball Ed and buckle up cause you "ain't seen nothing yet".....


Baytown's chief Trump sycophant forgets that our country was on the verge of an economic depression when Obama took office. Trump can thank Obama for rescuing a floundering economy and giving him a strong economic basis to work with. Trump's tax cut for the rich will add 1.9 trillion to our national debt according to the Congressional Budget Office, but somehow that doesn't figure in to Martin's economic mindset. If the price for a surge in economic growth is to burden our grandchildren with onerous debt, that is too high of a price to pay. By the way, Martin makes fun 0f a steady 2% growth, but it seems to me slow and steady growth is much more desirable than a boom and bust approach.

Just for the record, the GDP increase for the second quarter was 3%, not the 4% imagined by Mr. Martin.

After Trump's traitorous conduct in Helsinki, I wonder if Mr. Martin still thinks Trump is making America great.

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