My name is Brian Walenta and I teach US History at Robert E. Lee High School. As a native Texan, veteran, school teacher and history buff – I would really like to see the Battleship Texas brought to Baytown.  There are many reasons as to why Baytown is the best location for our great Battleship Texas.

1. The history – Baytown has been historic for Texas and the United States through the years. In fact, 100% of the TNT needed for WWII was produced in Baytown.

2. The location that the battleship would be placed would protect it from massive weather changes.  A hurricane can don much damage to any structure. If the ship were placed in Corpus, Kemah, Galveston, etc – it would be vulnerable to the force of hurricanes; however, within the area in Baytown, there are breaks that would help lessen the blow of any type of weather for a 100+ year old ship.

3. Schools – there are many school districts that would be able to take advantage of the Baytown location to establish the ship as a museum and benefit thousands of children within the local area.  Corpus, Galveston both have floating museums with the Lexington and Sub areas. This would offer another great location for people to come explore naval history.

4. The sight of seeing the Battleship Texas as you cross the Hartman Bridge would be awesome as you come into Baytown.

5. Economic activity – with a new hotel convention center coming to the same area – this would be a great economic draw to the Baytown area.

Brian T. Walenta


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An excellent argument and I support this effort 100%. Thank you for writing this.

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