The citizens of Harris County need to stand together, raise their voices and close their wallets against our rising property taxes. Over the last five years alone, my property taxes have increased 51%. I am now paying double what I was only five years ago. 

From what I understand they are increasing again this year. They are taxing me out of my own home. Most people I have talked to are moving out of Harris County for this reason alone. The City of Baytown alone has grown tremendously over the last years which means more tax revenue. Why then do they keep increasing? Not only do my taxes keep going up, so do the public utilities. My water bill seems to increase every other month for one reason or another. On the back if that bill is the city asking you to fix leaks and not waste water. Seems ridiculous to me when they ask you to fix a dripping sink yet they have a regular flow going down Cedar Bayou Road as it turns into Ferry. That flow has been going for the last three years at least.

Why doesn’t the City of Baytown and Harris County tighten their own belts and stop bleeding us hardworking citizens dry? I don’t mind paying my fair share but I do mind them wasting my money. Taxes and bonds to build roads we then have to pay to drive on. I’m no expert on these matters by a long shot and am the first to admit it. Just want to stay in my own home and make ends meet. Getting to hard to do. My pay rate can’t keep up with my hiked up tax rate, jacked up utilities, and over-paid politicians. When is enough going to be enough? Why can’t we as citizens raise our voices against this as high as they are raising our taxes?

Amanda Mills


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Amanda, I couldn't agree more. they need to be on a budget like almost every household does. Quit raising taxes and quit floating bonds for things they dream up...


Over the last few decades, the state has been shifting the cost of things like health, education, and transportation to the local level. At the same time, Austin has been giving local government more mandates without any resources to pay for the mandates, hence the increase in property taxes. I do agree that there are far too many bond issues for non-essential things.


Our tax dollars on every level need to be reexamined. There is plenty of money to do the right thing, if we cut out the waste. I will not vote for any candidate that openly claims to raise taxes.

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