Who do I vote for? Is he conservative enough? Is he liberal enough? Where does he stand on my pet issues? There are lots of questions, countless people volunteering advice, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the ads, signs, and misinformation on the internet. But in the 2020 election, the best approach may be to ignore all the partisan noise and focus on fundamentals. Don’t worry so much about whether or not a candidate caters to your pet peeves or is favored by the people in your social circle. Instead focus on the basic qualifications to be president.

A president does not have to be perfect. But there are a few fundamentals. Truth matters. Character matters. Decency matters. If a candidate lacks even one of these virtues, he or she is not qualified to lead our country.

Before you vote, here are a few critical questions to ponder. Which candidate can you best depend on to speak truth to the American people? Which candidate is the more honest and likely to be guided by constitutional restraints? Which candidate has more empathy for the less fortunate?

Keep It Simple, Silly (K.I.S.S.). Ignore the noise. The candidate worthy of your vote is the one who has the three critical virtues - truth, character and decency. 

Frank Butcher


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N/L, by your own analogy you won't be voting for Biden I see. Womanizer, lair and his entire family with help from Joe on certain committees and the Vice Presidency have became wealthy on the back of Biden influence. Nice guy and being senile on top. Can't wait until the debates....


If Mr. Butcher is anything it is the fact that he is consistent in his inconsistency. By reading his opinion letter he left the impression that he might have a conservative bone in his body. This is completely false because he has shown hisself to be a true blue liberal Democrat. Now, the most confusing part of his letter he claims he will vote for the candidate that is truthful, of good character and decency. If Butcher is trying to convince people that Joe Biden posseses these traits then this is a fool's errand. Biden is a career politician, a liar, has frotteurism and has lived well on ill gotten gains for him and his family. I can only assume by Butcer's own comments he will be voting for Trump or sitting out this election.


There is something very psychologically revealing about this situation. No name was mentioned in my letter. But calling for voters to focus on truthfulness, honesty, and decency brought out just Trump defenders. Could it be that N/A and Aloysius deep down know that their candidate does not possess any of those qualities and thus get defensive when those traits are brought up?

You would think calling for a president with those qualities would be something everyone would want.

I said in my letter that no candidate would be perfect, but your comments bring out a need to compare the two possibilities.

1. Truthfulness: How does Trump’s 20,000 lies in 3+ years in office compare to Biden’s record? Come on N/A, answer that question.

2. Honesty: Which candidate is more likely to respect the law and the constitution? One has already been impeached for abuse of power. One has declared bankruptcy 6 times. One has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits. One has revealed all of his tax returns, but not the other candidate. Aloysius and N/A, does any of that bother you?

3. Decency: One caters to racists with his rhetoric. How many KKK members are likely to vote for Biden? Separating children from mothers at the border?

I thank Aloysius for expanding my vocabulary. Yes, Biden was a toucher. I know many people who are, but to imply sexual overtones to touching requires mind reading. Aloysius, do you have ESP? Both have been accused by women of inappropriate sexual advances. Mr. “Grab ‘em by the p….y” has 12 such accusations that we know of. Biden just one. Even one is too many, but if we are comparing, 12>>1.

N/A, if you want to know how Biden got his money, you can check his tax returns. If you want to know how Trump got his money, you can check his tax returns....ooops, maybe not.

I think the comparison has a clear winner. I think anyone with an open mind knows which candidate best portrays the qualities of truthfulness, honesty, and decency.


There is no democrat living that is worth even a passing consideration as a good candidate. The entire party has developed a mob mentality and prey upon those that are unable to think for themselves. Anyone that believes your nonsense is as delirious as you are.


One more thing, N/A. You claim (without any medical evidence) that Biden is senile, but you have accused the wrong person. Ten former and current intelligence officials reached out recently to the New York Times to share their disgust with Trump’s behavior during briefings. He rarely reads intelligence briefings, has a very short attention span (characteristic of senility), can’t put together a complete, coherent sentence (another sign), veers off on tangents in meetings and is hard to refocus (one more sign). The situation is so bad that intelligence agencies have hired outside consultants to figure out how to better present information to Trump. You’re in a glass house, N/A, when you talk about senility. It’s not a good idea to throw stones.


In other words, Aloysius, you have no answers for my observations. You are happy in your delusional world of alternate facts and conspiracy theories. Truthfulness, honesty, and decency are not important to you.


Said Biden:

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't Black."

Spoken like a man in full control of his faculties.

Answers for your observations? Your observations are just hate filled drivel. Most of what you pontificate make little to no sense.

Democrats of today know nothing about truthfulness, honesty or decency. 😂😂😂😂


“Hate filled drivel”??? OK, Aloysius. Tell me exactly which of my observations are not true, and explain with verifiable facts why they are wrong. Truth does not equate to “hate-filled drivel” except in a twisted mind.

Your emphasis on the Biden quote tells me a lot about where you are coming from. Trump appeals to white racists, and you know it. Biden was just stating a fact, maybe he could have been more tactful about it, but it’s just a fact. Why would any person of color vote for someone whose base is full of racists? What is your estimate of how many KKK members will vote for Biden? Come on, Aloysius. How many?


Trump is not a ‘career politician’, has his own money, therefore he speaks his mind, truthfully and honestly. The Dems must speak publicly, following their leaders agendas, to ensure their paycheck is auto-deposited. What’s so hard about understanding how much good Trump has done for this country, while being frivolously attacked daily? Dems should be ashamed their elected officials are wasting our tax dollars. If not for a lot of that nonsense, we would have enough cash to pour into the pandemic and actually help US citizens.


Praise, your criticism of Democrats wasting your tax money rings hollow. In the last 50 years there have been just 3 presidents who reduced the annual budget deficit, and guess what….they are all Democrats.

You say that Trump speaks “TRUTHFULLY AND HONESTLY”. What??? Really???? Where have you been the last 4 years? 20,000 documented lies and you call that truthfully speaking? And then you berate the Democrats for criticizing Trump!?!? You remind me of an elementary school momma who rants against the school because they have punished your baby for misbehavior. You don’t care about the misbehavior, you just don’t want your baby punished. If Trump told the truth instead of lies, he wouldn’t get so much criticism.

So who is the bad guy in this situation? The liar or the person calling attention to the lie? Some of us prefer a president who is not a congenital liar. Imagine that.


Hey N/L you and your stupid democratic party have worn out the phrase "white racist". If President Trump or his supporters are racist of any kind I guess I'm an astronaut. Find something else okay this one is really getting old. The KKK are a non issue and so are the "Black Lives Matter" and the antifa groups on your side.You're showing your ignorance frankie.....


Hey, N/A. When is your next mission? I'm absolutely in favor 0f NASA putting you in orbit.

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