The definition of  “Ignorance” is “not knowing or not understanding.” The definition of  “stupidity” is “knowing or understanding, but doing the wrong thing anyway.” The Democrats in Congress are not ignorant. They are well aware of all the very positive things that President Trump and Republicans in Congress have accomplished for the good of all American citizens and for the good of the USA.

Unfortunately incumbent Democrats in Congress are so completely blinded by hate that they refuse to acknowledge President Trump’s long list of positive accomplishments. The Democrats in the House did the wrong thing for voting along party lines, with no Republican support, to impeach the best president our country has ever had. Again, in the Senate, all Democrats voted along party lines to convict. That effort failed as it should have.  Therefore, the second word and its definition applies to all incumbent Democrats in Congress.

Democrats should finally open their eyes and ears to reality, and begin working with Republicans on all issues. Democrats actually did that with the replacement of  NAFTA for the much better USMCA. During the State of the Union speech, Democrats actually stood with Republicans and applauded their combined accomplishment. That was a proud moment for everyone on both sides of the aisle. When Democrats and Republicans work together and achieve a fair compromise, they can all shake hands, pat each other on the back, smile, and go to lunch together.

Unfortunately (again) incumbent Democrats in Congress still do not accept reality, and do not accept that Trump has been acquitted. Democratic voters throughout the country must now clean the House and the Senate by voting out all Democrat incumbents. Then replace them with sensible and moderate Democrats who will work with Republicans for the good of all Americans and for the good of our great country. That is the only way our many Democratic friends and neighbors can ever hope to regain any sense of political respect and accomplishment.

Jerry L. Jones


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Alan H

Mr Jones, based on your blind support for Trump, I guess you also believe that Jeffrey Dahmer did nothing wrong and was just a confused vegetarian who fell off the wagon 17 times when he had a craving for meat. Trump is a sociopathic chronic liar with criminal tendencies and all you can say is that he isn't getting credit for his accomplishments. Maybe its because there are none. Trump and Moscow Mitch's big success is bankrupting the country with a massive trillion dollar deficit. I'm sure Trump and Dahmer have lots in common, such as pathological lies to hide their criminal deeds. Like Dahmer, Trump will eventually be jailed for all his criminal actions.


Alan, your TDS is flaring up again. Jerry's point is that Congress can work together to achieve a lot of common objectives. There is much that both parties agree on but as long as the Dem's can't focus on anything but Trump hatred, nothing will get done until Dems find themselves unemployed next November.


Hey al you really need to get some therapy help on your Trump derange syndrome. There may be some people jailed eventually but it will be on the D side...

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