In his recent letter, William Carlisle reveals himself as the quintessential Trump hypocrite. He informs us that Trump - vis a vis the Democrats - 1) upholds Biblical principles, and 2) he’s all for the Constitution, 3) the family, and 4) the free enterprise system. Well, I’ll give Mr. Carlisle an A+ on the last one. I suppose, for a Republican, 1 out of 4 isn’t a bad batting average, though he’ll never make it to the majors.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that Trump is virtually ignorant of the contents of the Holy Bible (Recall “Two Corinthians?”), as he prefers Sunday golf to a sermon, even as his sycophants attempt to canonize him with Christian pseudo-virtues. And of course we all agree he’s for “family,” considering that he’s got three of them — and he’s cheated on all three wives ... multiple times. Mr. Carlisle surely approves of those “fine” Republican values. Oh, and our Constitution? Yes, he loves it. He’s trashed “free speech,” the “free press,” and he’s trampled all over the emoluments clause - repeatedly. So, if Trump is what Mr. Carlisle wants us to believe is a “good Christian Republican,” I think he should try stepping out of his Fox News echo chamber long enough to deeply inhale some facts.

Using typical Republican hyperbole, Carlisle tells us that Democrats “enjoy” killing babies. I would normally say Carlisle has gone off the deep end without a flotation device, but we’ve heard this tripe before. Democrats and/or Pro-Choice advocates of all stripes are not advocating or condoning abortion at any stage of fetal development. Their point is that it is the woman’s right to choose, not Carlisle’s, not Biblical scholars’, and certainly not the government’s. Personally, I’m against abortion, but I would never legislate that I should be the decider when it comes to a woman’s body, any more than I would want a congresswoman to tell me I killed some potential babies because I had a vasectomy 20 years ago.

We all know that Jesus says zilch about abortion in the New Testament, but Carlisle should read Numbers 5:11-28 in the OT to get the word directly from Yahweh.  Paraphrasing the lengthy passage, God gives detailed instructions to a Hebrew priest on how to prepare a potion for a pregnant woman suspected of adultery to drink so that, if guilty, it will induce a miscarriage - i.e., a “holy” abortion. 

Yep, Mr. Carlisle, it’s right there in your holy scriptures. Sad. Maybe next time you should read all of your Bible before attempting to impress us with your vast biblical acumen.

Like many hypocritical Republican Christians, Carlisle delights in cherry-picking selected verses to demonize Democrats. 

But most of us know that a person can find support in the Bible for almost any argument if he looks hard enough and is willing to do the necessary mental contortions. After all, plantation owners in the 18th and 19th centuries regularly used Scripture to justify treating blacks as if they were farm equipment. Of course the Old Testament God does condone slavery (even offering instructions on how to beat your slaves), so I guess they were just following Scripture.

 Garry Van Trease

Deer Park


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Mr. Van Trease needs to read his final paragraph because it justifies his stance. Every president we have had all the way back to Washington would be guilty if we use his standard. The Democratic party is in such a sad state of corruption that they have zero chance of getting their version of a President elected in 2020.


Corruption? Maybe Bert is thinking about the 6 Trump campaign associates going to prison. Maybe it’s the cabinet members (Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, forced to resign because of their corruption. Maybe he is thinking about the 9400 lies Trump has told so far. Maybe Bert is thinking about Trump toadying up to the Russians, probably to ensure that he can build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Maybe Bert is thinking about Trump’s violations of the emoluments clause through his Washington, D.C. hotel business. Maybe it’s Trump’s overruling security clearance denials to benefit compromised family members and cronies.

Corruption? Maybe it’s at least 6 Cabinet heads being investigated for exorbitant travel expenses. Maybe Bert is thinking about the exorbitant expenses charged to taxpayers that fund Trump’s frequent trips to Mars-A-Lago. Maybe it’s the unnecessary tax cut that mostly benefited Trump and his fellow billionaires.

When someone fights so hard to avoid releasing his tax returns, one has to wonder if those returns would reveal corruption in Trump’s business dealings.

Newsweek Magazine recently featured this headline: “Trump is Leading the Most Corrupt Administration in U.S. History, One of First-Class Kleptocrats.”

Oh, that’s right. It’s just Trump’s way of draining the swamp.


Don't stand so close to the swamp sir, because its folks like you that allowed this to happen in the first place. Oh, which of the 20 candidates are you going to embrace as the answer to all the country's problems? Not a sigle Democratic candidate has a chance of being elected and I guess you will blame that on Trump... and for once you would be right. No, Frank... you are a sore loser and nothing more than a sounding brass and tinkling symbol that no one bothers to listen to.


So Bert, you choose to ignore all the Trump administration corruption I listed, and instead revel in your newfound Biblical catch phrase about a tinkling bell? That’s actually pretty typical of the responses I get from Trump supporters. No facts, just unsupported accusations, snide remarks, and deflection from the topic at hand.

Actually any of the twenty Democratic candidates have a better chance of solving the nation’s problems than Donald Trump, if for no other reasons than they are smarter, more compassionate, recognize that they are not all-knowing, respect the knowledge of experts, put country ahead of personal issues, and understand the difference between truth and lies.

Maybe you should look at the comments to the most recent letter I wrote. Apparently a few people are listening to me. You must be listening to me or you would not have commented. Even if no readers were listening, I still have a duty as a conscientious citizen to critically analyze the words and actions of our president and oppose policies that threaten our country. If you and your friends don’t want me to submit letters to the Sun, the solution is simple. Don’t submit any Trumplican propaganda and I will keep my opinions to myself. No doubt it would be a welcomed relief to you, me, and the Baytown Sun readers.

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