Can you imagine anybody in this group of Democratic candidates running the United States of America? 

There were less than 200,000 caucus votes and as of Thursday morning still no clear-cut winner. I think the votes didn’t come out like the Democratic Party wanted and they are hunting more votes in trunks of cars to boost Biden. Looks like they found enough for him to get over the 15% threshold. This would make for one good comedy show.

The Democrats have wasted three years now going after President Trump from the non-Russian collusion to a now botched impeachment. Approval ratings keep going up on this “America First” president. The best part is watching the unhinged Left go down in flames and it’s all caught on national television for the whole world to see. This is better than any reality show coming out of Hollywood.

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu

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N/A, you strain the gnat and swallow the camel.

You revel because a computer glitch threw the Iowa caucus into confusion. No matter that the problem, embarrassing but fixable, is ultimately inconsequential.

On the other hand you blindly support your orange god who, beyond any shadow of doubt, conspired to get foreign interference in our next election by withholding tax-payer and congress-approved money until the Ukraine announced an investigation into the Bidens. (Emphasis on “announce”. All Trump needed to fuel his lie machine was an announcement, not a real investigation.) This conspiracy served only Trump’s personal interest, and was absolutely not in the national interest.

No doubt you will stupidly say the Senate found Trump not guilty…. but he was NOT exonerated. He did the deed. We all know it. No matter how a bunch of spineless Republican Senators voted in a trial without witnesses, history’s ballot will confirm his guilt.

All this from a compulsive liar who became president with Russian assistance, tried to cover it up, and to this day tries to convince us (and himself) that the Russians were innocent of interference in 2016.

Here’s a question for you N/A. Let’s see if you live up to your nickname. Do you think Trump would have obsessed over a Ukrainian investigation into the Bidens if Joe Biden was not running for president in 2020?

Truth matters, N/A. You should try it sometime.

Alan H

Mr N/A Martin, the only thing that went up in flames during the impeachment trial was the conscience, morals and patriotism of all Republican senators, except Romney. Republicans screamed about the House inquiry being a hoax, witch-hunt and sham. So what did Republicans do to prove Trump's innocence? Nothing! No witnesses, no documents, no subpoenas for anything. Even Bolton's begging to be heard was ignored. Obviously, Senate Republicans believed Trump was guilty so they did nothing, covering up Trump's guilt. Their oath for impartial justice, sworn before God and America meant nothing. The fires of justice will overtake Trump and his corrupt followers, making for a grand ole reality show. Hope your watching N/A, when Trump is torched during his next trial.


The Democratic leadership is in shambles with no real legislator passed in the last 3 years, no real candidate, and no Platform. They wish Trump would step down, or hang himself; just leave so they can attempt to field a candidate against Pence. They have violated the intent of the founders by pushing partisan effort to unseat a duly elected president to the detriment of the nation they swore an oath to protect. While Nancy Pelosi is sitting behind the President chomping her dentures and putting on petty disturbances, San Fransisco is sinking in its own dung. The entire Party has it's constituency defending lunacy. It is obvious to anyone paying attention and not blinded like a deer in headlight beams. Mr. T said it best.


Whoa, Bert. Another nasty attack. Here's the thing, Bert. Truth, character, and decency are fundamental qualities we should look for in a president. Trump is devoid of any of those traits. If you support Trump, you are announcing to the world that truth, character, and decency don't matter to you. All that you seem to care about is whether the president will support your pet issues. IMO this election should be about truth, character and decency and nothing else. Personally I cannot get past TRUTH. 16,000 lies in 3 years is all I need to know. I would love to hear you explain why 16,000 lies don't matter to you.


Hey DNC town criers maybe you forgot to see the headlines "ACQUITTAL". Look again and the jokes on the Democrats in Iowa. They were looking for favorable reports to lift up sleepy Joe. The GOP didn't have any trouble. Trump still your President making America Great Again. Trump just keeps on winning, bring it on Democrat clowns, bring it on.....


N/A, you did not answer my question. I'll ask it again, but I don't call you N/A for no reason. Do you think Trump would have obsessed over a Ukrainian investigation into the Bidens if Joe Biden was not running for president in 2020?

Alan H

Why can't Republicans find someone besides a Godless guilty lunatic liar to head their pity party?


Hey bubba al, we have the best man on the job. A patriot, America first President and one that drives democrats crazy no matter what they throw at him. He did lie about one thing and that is we were going to get tired of winning. Not yet....


Mystery solved N/A. I finally understand why you love Trump obsessively…..You’re just like him in every way. It’s a “birds of a feather” thing. “Peas in a pod”. You must be proud.


Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?

Come on now

I hear you're feeling down

Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again


I'll need some information first

Just the basic facts

Can you show me where it hurts?

Its time to jump to the Right side of the fence

Four more years, Trump Pence


Bert, you will never make it as a poet. A good poem has to have an element of truth in it. Good try, though.


I'll send your reply to Pink Floyd. The last two sentences were mine and they had not only a ring of major truth, but rhymed. Thank you for attempting to slam me though. I can handle it.


Hey "NO LIFE", I am proud of the man in the White House. A true and true American unlike the worldwide apologist we had in office previous. You bet I'm proud and will continue to be proud for the next (5) years. The $1000 easy money for you is still open....


Like said, N/A, you are just like him.


Hey NL, find the $1000.00. I mean who in the world would reelect Trump. Easy, easy money NL....

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