I strongly support changing the name of Baytown Robert E. Lee High School, the school that I graduated from in 1976. I enthusiastically support this name change because it is clearly what is best for Baytown, and it is also what is best for Baytown’s children and all of the school’s graduates. The current name of the school honors a man whose values were not the same as those of our students and our community as they exist today.

The school never should have been named after Lee in the first place, because Robert E. Lee was a notorious anti-American traitor who fought against the United States of America (and who lost), who failed to honor his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, who led many battles that killed tens of thousands of Americans (including massive numbers of American troops), who owned many slaves, who thought that black people were inferior to whites, and who fought for the independence of a rogue nation that was founded in order to preserve the institution of slavery for economic gain.

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