Concerning the gun issue – as with animals, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. 

Anyone who knows anything about rifles, especially military rifles, and looks at an AR-15, Bushmaster .223 or AK-47 can see that these are military assault rifles. These weapons with their rather small caliber, high muzzle velocities and large capacity magazines are designed to wound and/or kill as many human beings as possible in a short time and rather close range. 

They obviously should be banned. 

John C. Lamonte


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Hey John in case you didn't know and apparently you don't, military weapons are fully auto and these mentioned are semi-auto meaning you have to pull the trigger each time. Machetes look mean you want to band them to? They have been used recently in some attacks...


Thank you, John, for being a voice of reason. Assault rifles are clearly the weapon of choice for mass killings. "Band" Machetes? LOL


Sir, your analogy of something looking like something and this proves it is something is remarkable in it’s generality. Can you tell a fully automatic pistol from a double-action pistol at a glance, or how about staring at it? Can you look at a firearm and determine it is an “assault rifle” over a single fire weapon with one bullet per trigger pull? No? Most can’t, so strike one to your analogy sir and I think I did it in such a manner as to not hurt the feelings of the Leftist’s who rock in ecstasy over the Democratic party’s destruction of American values.

Onto disassembling your argument with point two: “Anyone who knows anything...” How about “I think” instead? Now that we have that settled, here is what you really mean:

We should ban anything that anyone thinks looks like an assault rifle because it is obvious to me.

Sir, in all due respect you could have saved a lot of time by simply writing what you meant.


This is why you will never get the support of gun owners. Your proposals will never fix the problem because you don't even understand the basic facts. An AR15 operates no differently from any other semi automatic hunting rifle. What kind of deadly "assault rifle" did the santa fe shooter use again? Oh that's right, a pump shotgun and a revolver.


What kind of gun did the Las Vegas shooter use? I can name 10 times that an assault rifle was used in a mass killing for every one time you can name a shotgun/pistol. However, I agree that an unaltered AR-15 is just another semi-automatic rifle. Perhaps the bigger issue is the high capacity magazines. If you have a semi-automatic assault rifle that has a 100 bullet magazine and fires as fast as you can repeatedly pull the trigger, you can kill a lot of people in a short time. Unless you are brain dead, you know that is true. IMO, if we are going to get serious about stopping mass killings, maybe rifles that take ammunition clips should be severely restricted. At the very least, ammunition clips holding more than 10 bullets should be outlawed.


Honestly Frankie you need to give some of those Master Degrees back. Deranged people who go off the deep end are going to find ways to kill. They have driven cars into crowds, they have used knives several times and Reverend Jim Jones used Kool-Aid laced with cyanide to kill 900. You can't punish millions of honest law abiding people for a hand full of loonies. There is someone brain dead but it isn't Bert...


So N/A, deranged people are going to go off the deep end and you want to make it easy for them to kill lots of people when they take the plunge. When is the last time a mass killer used a knife? Are you being "punished" if universal, comprehensive background checks are required to purchase a firearm? Are you being "punished" if there is a ban on high capacity magazines? Are you being "punished" if red flags laws are adopted to take guns away from identified crazies? (I could see why that one would concern you.) Why don't you explain to me why it is important for you to own an assault rifle? You certainly don't need one for hunting, and there are much better options for self defense. Even though it has been proven that a ban on assault rifles reduces the number of mass killings, you still want your gun. The bottom line is that you care more about your assault rifle than you do about the lives of innocent children.


Frankie, it appears you seem to be bothered by people owning guns. You know you could move to Chicago as they have a ban there or maybe France, Australia, Japan, Russia or several other countries that don't allow them.


N/A, true to form, you did not answer a single question. By the way, the countries you mentioned do not have mass killings. Funny how that works.


Hey Frankie, every one of them have had problems with mass killings., do a little research and get back to me.


N/A, here's some research. Spin these facts from the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence:

-Assault weapons have been used in the seven deadliest mass shootings in the last decade.

-An analysis of a public mass shootings resulting in four or more deaths found that more than 85% of such fatalities were caused by assault rifles.

-During the 10-year period the federal assault weapons ban was in effect, mass shooting fatalities were 70% less likely to occur compared to the periods before and after the ban.

-67% of Americans— including half of all Republicans—support a ban on assault weapons.

-Assault weapons are a class of semi-automatic firearm specifically designed to kill humans quickly and efficiently. They are a relatively new class of weapon—during the 1980s, the gun industry sought to reverse a decline in consumer demand for guns by developing and marketing new types of weapons based on high-powered military designs.

-Wounds caused by assault weapons are more severe and lethal than wounds caused by other firearms, and, particularly when paired with large capacity magazines, assault weapons can injure more people more quickly. Because of this lethality, assault weapons are frequently the guns of choice for individuals who carry out horrific public attacks.


Yada, yada, yada, as usual changing the subject doesn't make it any truer. All those countries I mentioned have had mass killings in one form or another.... Good back to sleep Frankie....


Did I make my response too long for you to read, N/A? I forgot that your attention span is limited to just a couple of sentences. Yada, yada, yada is what you write when you've got nothing resembling an intelligent response. Oops, that's 3 sentences.

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