Nothing I say can compare to the Socialist/Democrat actions and rhetoric over the last three years culminating in the 2019 debacle of their perverted impeachment hearing and false investigations.

They have indelibly demonstrated the depth of their hatred of American history, culture, morality and the people who elected President Trump to do exactly what he is doing and trying to restore our country’s greatness. All we have to do is remember the mid-term elections and continue to observe the Socialist/Democrat candidate forums and debates for 2020.

Joe Biden has admitted and bragged on extorting Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son and Burisma Inc.

Bernie Sanders has proudly identified himnself as a Socialist, and the other five or six who follow the Socialist/Democrat dedicated goal to transform America into some utopian state providing “free” education, health care, housing for all, including illegal aliens and open borders. Cost is no concern to them as they intend to raise taxes to provide this utopian existence.

This goal has been somewhat covert until Obama was elected by a largely uneducated populance enticed by “what the country will do for me” with no regard for our country’s future or welfare.

Now the Socialist/Democrat party is terrified of losing their gains of the last 40 years to transform America and will try anything to stop President Trump’s and conservative members of Congress’ efforts to stamp out Socialism.

We must remember that Socialism has been a failure worldwide and we must defeat those who call themselves Liberals, Progressives, Leftists or Socialist/Democrats at the polls.

Our freedom and our country is at stake. Vote smart in federal, state, county, city and school board elections. Happy new year.

Tom L. Kincaid



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You are exactly right Tom. The "D's" have gone so far left there is no coming back. I encourage everyone to pull that "R" lever so we can return to sanity in the full Congress...


Some of our elected officials want more taxes and America as a nation is fed up with taxation without representation. It was never intended by the founding fathers to have this level of interference in our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In order to facilitate this dependence on the government, they need more money to create more programs to further ensnare the voters. Never mind that there are more jobs than people to fill them and if you have a job, you want to decide where your money goes. I for one am ready to see less government interference, less taxes, and fewer regulations on anything the government decides to steer. The only time I want to see the government is if we have a catastrophe of some kind. Attempting obstructionist politics on anything the President does hurts the country and denies the voters of true representation.

Democratic leadership knows beyond a doubt they cannot stop Trump from being reelected and fear losing the majority in Congress. They are attempting a last ditch effort while hopeful candidates can’t even find any kind of platform that will get them elected. It is a low point for the Democratic Party and terribly embarrassing to watch them flounder.

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