Since I’m one of the few not “dot com” capable, I’d like to respond to the Sun’s survey about the city’s plan to regulate and limit the number and location of dollar stores in Baytown.

Sounds like New York City controlling the size of soft drinks a vendor would be allowed to sell. The Sun’s David Bloom wrote an excellent article recently in opposition to Comrade Rick Davis and his cohorts at City Hall. I can’t improve on his writing, so I’ll just ask one question: What are the limits, if any, on the city’s desire to control what businesses come into Baytown, where they locate, what and how they sell their merchandise and how many of their stores are allowed to operate in our city?

Fortunately, the city request for the planning and zoning commission’s recommendation to authorize this proposal was denied as written, and not recommended at their meeting on Feb. 18.

Perhaps this will result in some further study into the city’s motive and intent.

Tom L. Kincaid


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