Fifth-graders at Dr. Antonio Banuelos Elementary School have penned several letters in support of bringing the Battleship Texas to Baytown. Here are some of those letters.

•The USS Texas Battleship is an important part of our history and it should be returned to Baytown after repairs. This part of our history, it has helped us win battles from one hundred years ago and it’s still standing to this day after many years and we hope to keep it here.

We’ve had the battleship for many years now and it has brought people from different places to come and visit the battleship. The battleship is good for the community because it brings in tourists and also many visitors.

The battleship is very important to me and to other people which is why it should stay in Baytown for more years to come. We are so lucky for this battleship to be gifted to Baytown and we’ve enjoyed it ever since.

We love the USS Texas Battleship and I think it would be too late to take it back.”

The USS Texas Battleship doesn’t just belong to the Navy or the Defense Department, it belongs to the U.S.A, it belongs to Texans. We deserve the battleship and Baytown wouldn’t be the same without it. If the battleship came back after the repairs we would be so excited to have such an important piece of history in our town.

To sum up, the great USS Texas Battleship is very important to students, citizens, and our country. We are proud of the USS Texas Battleship and we hope that it can stay in Baytown for more years to come.

Aleena M.

• The USS Texas Battleship is a very important part of community and history. I think that the USS Texas Battleship should be brought back to Baytown, Texas.

Growing up in Baytown, the Battleship has been a proud historical framework standing proud and defined.

I visited the Battleship twice with my camp. I was glad I got to see it and hopefully not for the last time. It is good for the economy and Baytown. It will bring tourists to Baytown, which is good for Baytown. I believe that Galveston has more than enough sites to see. Baytown needs a few things in our town to bring tourists, which is good for Baytown.

The Battleship doesn’t belong to the Navy or Defense Dept. It belongs to our country. It was a gift for our community. That is not right to take a gift away. If it stays it will bring 300,000 to 400,000 visitors a year! That’s very impressive for only one year. I fully agree with Mr. Eshbach that it is a very big deal to keep the USS Texas Battleship in Baytown. We are proud the he the home of the Texas Battleship

Jada. F

• In my opinion, The USS Texas or The Old Lady should return to Baytown because she has been with us for years. She might not be making a profit but, when she’s fixed she could make a profit. People will visit go to restaurants and hotels, this makes her good for the economy. In addition, citizens don’t want her to leave,she is part of our history she is one hundred five years old we can’t move her now.

Plus Galveston floods easily so you might make a profit, but when Galveston floods you will use all the money to fix her, or worse she gets destroyed. Some may move that will hurt the economy. We are proud to be the home for the USS Texas Battleship.

Christian P.

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