Actually Troy Whiteneck, the President’s Commission on Voter Integrity was disbanded because the Democratic states wouldn’t release their voter information. There was discrepancies noted on the states that did respond. 

Maybe Troy can explain the hundreds of counties in the U.S. that cast more votes than registered voters that always seems to be a democratic majority in those counties.

The five states that do mail-in votes are fairly small and verification is certainly easier then say California, New York, Illinois, Texas or Florida.

I wonder if Troy or any Democrat would take a check from a total stranger for the sale of something valuable without verifying? I think we all know the answer to that question. The states offer free ID’s to anyone requesting them. Seems pretty elementary to me that everyone would want a honest election but apparently it’s only Republicans that believe in one legal person and one legal vote.

As one Obama ex-staffer said “You can’t let a crisis go to waste” and in comes COVID-19.










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N/A, does the fact that voting by mail would result in greater voter participation affect your opinion?

Wouldn’t it be more democratic if a greater percentage of the people were involved in elections?

Do you realize that it is your ASSUMPTION that voting by mail in the 5 states (with no fraud) could not be successfully scaled up to larger states? How do you know that? Why isn’t it worth a try? Do you favor voting by mail in all “smaller” states?

Are you sure that your opinion is not influenced by the likelihood that new voters enabled by vote-by-mail would mostly favor Democrats?


N/A, one more question. Do you agree with your master who said that if the US switched to all mail voting, “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again”?


Hey N/L he is probably right. The democrats cheat so much now in plain sight there would be on stopping them on the honor system of which they have none.. Need examples frankie? They are coming for all to see...


Well N/A, you kinda answered one of 8 questions I posed, which is way better than your usual response. Here's are a couple more. Why do you think only Democrats would cheat? Didn't Republicans cheat in 2016 thanks to help from the Russians? If you are looking for examples, check out the Republican in North Carolina who "harvested" mail-in ballots. If y0u were an honest person, you would admit that fanatics in both parties are capable of cheating, and the voting system needs to be secure from all cheating. Apparently such a system is possible, since 5 states employ voting by mail and report no fraud. Facts, N/A, not propaganda.


Hey N/A, I saw you at this video of a Trump rally. You interviewed well.


Hey N/L, you keeping up on the General Flynn set-up. Going to get real interesting soon frankie...

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