Pelosi and the rest know they have no platform and no candidate to beat Trump. They will lose the next election in a horrible rout, considering they have for the most part been in charge of US politics going back before World War I. So they plan to confuse the confusable and hope against hope they don’t get indicted for their own crimes in this witch hunt atmosphere. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Pelosi would do much better to have a group huddle and pick someone right now. Then go on the offensive with a beneficial platform package 51% of the voters like. Voters elected Trump to stop wasteful taxpayer funded nonsense in government, but it is obvious they didn’t get the message. 

The polls show minority Democratic voters are jumping ship because for once, they can feed their families. There is work aplenty and overtime to spare and convincing them that a return to Obama politics simply won’t be effective. 

In 2020, Trump-Pence will be elected for a second term and the Democrats will start all over to undermine a duly elected president. I lament the fact that we voters will have to listen to them whining and crying for the next four years.

Bert Marshall


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Alan H

Mr Blert, Trump/Pence weren't elected in 2016 and there's no chance the Electoral College will screw up another election. Voters are tired of Trump's policies of chaos, repeated staff firings/resignations, Twitter tirades, and world leaders laughing at the president. Unlike the cult conservatives who prefer lies, fraud, racism, white supremacy and a polluted Earth, there are many, many Republicans who won't vote for the worst president ever, Twitter Trump.


If Trump wasn’t elected into office then please explain how he is our current President?

Alan H

Russell5150, Trump was appointed by the Electoral College but lost the election by 3 million votes. If the Electoral College appoints a president who does not win the actual election, most Americans consider that president illegitimate. Technically, Tramp/Pence lost the 2016 election.


Bert claims to dislike smoke and mirrors, but he loves alternate facts, conspiracy theories, incessant lying, impeachable behavior, and unending stupidity. I would like to think that a majority of the American people can recognize a con man and liar when they see one, and will vote Trump out of office in 2020. We'll see.


Hey frankie and al, there is stupidity but it's not Bert. You two need to get a life.....


Another playground worthy post by N/A.

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