Mr. Crotts asks “What makes America Great?” How about a legal and economic structure that fosters the most patents and inventions benefiting mankind? How about the freedom to live and travel wherever I want, to marry whomever I want, to say whatever I want, to criticize and petition my government whenever I want, and to believe and worship however I want? Tied to those freedoms is the safety to freely do so, because what good is freedom if you can’t exercise it without fear of injury? So, if you ask me, freedom, safety, and opportunity are the cornerstones of what makes America great. These are 

the fundamentals of our Constitution. So, yes, a vibrant economy provides great opportunity. A robust education system provides great opportunity.Our government ensures equal opportunity and a justice system to secure those freedoms and opportunity. I think the issue Mr. Crotts is tip toeing around is the desire to have government provide far more than just freedom, safety, and opportunity. Our Constitution was written for the express purpose of limiting government from infringing upon our freedoms and to provide only those things that the states or private enterprise couldn’t provide for itself. The founders knew and feared what an all-powerful government would do to the people’s freedoms. This is the argument against big government that stifles private enterprise with overregulation or government competition, or usurps power from the states, or provides goods and services (usually corruptly, inefficiently, and/or with unintended consequences) to certain groups of people that they should provide for themselves. When do I feel great? I feel great when I safely exercise those freedoms, like I’m doing now. I feel great when my children are safe and I see them succeed. 

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Reverend Crotts lives in a fantasy world. Proof is in his pen.

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