Our country, The United States of America, has always welcomed immigrants - those “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” The Statue of Liberty has “lifted her lamp beside the golden door,” to countless people who want to have what the U.S. has to offer.

These immigrants leave their countries in search of a better life on our shores. But many times, they may leave their homeland physically, but not mentally. They do not call the U.S. “my country.” Instead, they simply take what the U.S. offers them (welfare, free medical, jobs), reaching with one hand for what they can get and all the while holding on to their former country with the other; some without even the respect to enter it legally.

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The U.S. did not have a border patrol until 1924. When my grandfather arrived from Germany around 1900, the borders were open. There were no rules to follow. If you got off the boat, you were in, as long as you were carrying a communicable disease.


Oops, as long as you weren't carrying a disease


My father arrived in this country in the 30s. He was a legal immigrant that waited five years to come to the United States. He had a sponsor and after arriving in New York he went to Austin to live with his sponsors; worked in a clothing store then opened up a small drugstore/liquor store. Raised two children send them to college and never asked the government for a handout. He became a citizen and was very proud to say his home was the United States of America.

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