Maybe yes, maybe no. But not right now. This is a very difficult and stressful time for everyone, particularly for our school district, our school board, our teachers, and our parents and kids. Our singular focus in GCCISD should be on safely returning to educating our students. The topic of renaming schools needs to be delayed to a time when it can receive the attention to detail that it deserves, with a deep discussion and proper and extensive community input. Lots of questions need to be asked and answered. For instance, for any school name that is under consideration for change, what was the history of the name choice, the specifics of the naming process for each. Was it to honor the person’s positive accomplishments or contributions, like we did recently with the naming of the next junior high for Mr. Green (a great choice!). Or was it in response to the times, the cultural environment, the political influences or other factors; and what has changed to make those considerations not as important anymore, or perhaps even wrong, or bad, or destructive? Will a name change actually have positive ramifications and what would those be? What unintended negative consequences might occur with name changes? What will a name change cost (our tax dollars), or is that consideration even important? And many, many more questions to be asked. Maybe yes, maybe no. But not right now.

Mike Wilson

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