• If a person who is high on illegal drugs acts like a drunk and tries to buy something with counterfeit money, should the store clerk call the police?

• If police observe a person fitting the above description, should police arrest and transport that person to answer questions?

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Jerry, most of your questions are reasonable, but unfortunately ignore the core issue and only serve to deflect the conversation from the real problem. Here are a few more questions to add to your list.

- Why did the killing of one black man by the police provoke nationwide protests?

- Does our society treat people of all races and creeds equally?

- Should African-Americans quietly accept the status quo?

- Do you think it’s reasonable for minorities to be frustrated with unequal treatment by society?

- It’s been 157 years since slavery was abolished. How much longer should blacks have to wait for equal treatment?

This is not the first time that a black man has been wrongly killed by police. Remember the death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri? Why did those protests not go nationwide? Could it be that we had a president then who showed empathy for the black community instead of one who embraces white nationalists? Even though his actions served to calm the situation, Obama took heck from people like you who accused him of dividing the country. We now have a president who, by any rational standard, is the most divisive president in our history. His actions have inflamed the anger in the black community and his support of white nationalists clearly fed the protest fire. Where is you outrage now? Could it be that your definition of ‘divisive’ depends on whether the president sides with your world view?

I certainly think that any looters/arsonists should go to jail. The real tragedy is not the loss of property, but rather the diversion it creates for the far right, giving them license to ignore the real problem. Instead of focusing of injustice, they can rally around putting the bad actors in jail as if that will solve the problem of systemic racism.

My default position is to support the police. They have a tough job. Defunding the police is ridiculous in my opinion. However, policing attitudes towards minorities has to change. Hopefully there are community leaders smarter than me who know how to make that happen.

Beyond that, the question is how do we ever get to the point that skin color is not on our list of qualifications for a job or to be friends?


Hey frankie, this whole racial apparatus rest squarely on the Barack Hussein Obama who's set back race relations 50 years. There was not one race incident under George W Bush for 8 years. Antifa are now prominent and Black Lives Matter now promote racial divide and organize protest and looting aiding by stupid democratic mayors. Apparently you didn't read the report on Michael Brown and Obama sent in the FBI to accuse the police department of racial policies and they turned up none. Brown was a thug and charged a police officer who was found innocence. The police officer used excessive force on George Floyd and has been charged and deserves whatever comes to him. The fact still remains that Floyd was also a thug with a rap sheet, illegal drugs in his body and passing phony money. They need to show the entire video from start to finish and lets see exactly what happened from handcuff to how he ended up on the ground. Did he fight the police when they tried to load him? Let's see the whole thing. I'm wondering when the left will apply to the Pope for Sainthood for this thug. Shelia Jackson-Lee, Al Green, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Sylvester Turner joined the circus of democratic leaders trying to elevate this thug to Sainthood. What about all the police officers injured and killed, think all these clowns will attend their funerals? Fat chance.....


So N/A, I see you still haven’t gotten over your Obama obsession. What a joke. It’s all Obama’s fault. Your eyes are turning brown from the buildup of excrement.

You represent exactly what is wrong in our country. Instead of recognizing the racial injustice in our society, you change the subject. In your warped mind, George Floyd and Michael Brown deserved to die. What a disgusting attitude you have. Maybe they deserved to be arrested, but they did not deserve to die. This may come as a shock to you, but blacks are human beings, and in this country they are entitled to the same rights and privileges as you.

Were you proud of Trump when he had peaceful protesters pepper gassed and dispersed so that he could walk across the street and pose in front of a church with a book he never reads?

Do you agree with President Tweety’s conspiracy theory to justify the Buffalo police pushing down and severely injuring a 75 year-old man?

Is Trump the first president who had to hide from the American people in the White House bunker? You must be proud.

What about the military generals (Mattis, Colin Powell, Kelly, McRaven, Admiral Mullen, Volcheff, Clark, et.al.) who have come out against Trump? These patriots are people who know Trump. You have never met the man. Yet you think you know better than them.

You and Trump are on the Titanic, N/A. I’m going to enjoy watching you sink in November.


One more thing N/A. The president you touted in your post, George W. Bush, has announced that he will NOT support the re-election of Donald Trump. Do you still want to hold him up as an example of a wise president?


Hey frankie, we will see about November. As usually N/L you need to change the channel and get away from all the alleged conspiracies. You are about to have the entire former echelon of the FBI exposed and the corruption of the Obama administration and then we will see whose eyes are brown....


Another post obsessing about Obama. Amazing. Textbook crazy. Textbook Trump. Spew nonsense without facts. (See Trump's claim that the 75 year-old protester "fell HARDER than he was pushed", and it was a set up by Antifa.) Or maybe "I only briefly inspected the white house bunker". Your guy is a liar. And if you support those lies, guess what that makes you.


The president of the United States has enormous credible intelligence resources at his disposal to use to make the best possible well-informed decisions. But this president chooses to make decisions based on opinions being shared by friendly TV personalities. There is something seriously wrong with that picture, and it is dangerous for our country. Like you N/A, Trump does not require facts to form an opinion.


Hey bubba frankie, George W Bush did not endorse Joe Biden. His spokesman said that the reporting by your DNC media outlets was inaccurate. Frankly frankie, Trump nor I nor the Republican Party as a hold look at color. That would be the demorats using division as outlined by Alinsky who Obama adored.


Yes. If you bother to read, I corrected that to say that George Bush said he will not support the reelection of Trump. I asked David Bloom to delete my post that said Bush endorsed Biden, but that didn't happen. Here's two questions that you won't answer. Who do you think Bush will vote for in 2020? Who do you think KKK members will vote for? "Republican Party as a hold" ????

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