I am so very thankful that:

The Lord walks with me and guides me in the way I should go. He gives me everything I really need and provides all that is necessary in my life. I will never be lost and alone because He is there with me.

He gives me the energy to keep going when I am weary. I can rest in the shadow of His peace and provision.  I thank Him for rescuing me from the chaos that life can sometimes be and giving me a still, quiet place to be.

When my spirit can no longer soar and is burdened down, He lifts me up and restores my joy. I thank Him for leading me on the right path-that which will glorify Him and will be the best way for me to go. 

When life frightens me, I know He is watching over me and will protect me. Because of this I can be brave, no matter what challenges life puts in front of me, even the shadow of death. I am thankful I do not have to be afraid, because He has the means to protect me.

When everyone seems to turn against me, He is still there. He gives me more than I could ever need. I am honored that He does this for me because I do not deserve it.  He heaps blessings upon blessings upon me.

He will never desert me-today or ever.  His goodness and mercy will be with me all the days of my life. Because He is my Father, He will always be there for me, and someday I shall be with Him in His heavenly home-forever.

Do you recognize this?  It is how the 23rd Psalm speaks to my life. It was written by David in praise and thankfulness to the Lord.  Even today, it resonates to our hearts. It is timeless. He was there with David. He was with the Pilgrims when they settled this great land of ours. He was there then, and He is here now. Give thanks.


A former longtime Baytown resident, Ginger Stripling now lives in Mont Belvieu. Contact her at,

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