It is time not merely to speak of justice, but to fight for it. For too long we on the left have focused on the purported political power of “stories,” of “voices”– in short, of abstractions, which fail utterly to confront the objective, horribly non-abstract forces against which we contend in the struggle for justice. 

Is it any surprise that these men, these agents of the material powers of oppression, should fail to properly acknowledge the epistemic authority of an abuse survivor?Did we really expect that patriarchal oppression – which, indeed, can be conceived of in the abstract, but only by those whom it does not truly affect – might be toppled by a “movement” constituted but by slogans, by tweets, by academic analyses?

When the unthinkable takes place, we must turn to those options which we long considered unthinkable. It is time not merely to speak of justice, but to fight for it.

Jeremy Watte


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Some civility in the court of public opinion and less violent rhetoric is what we need.

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