The World is on lock down. Now, what are you going to do with this government “new norm” life incarceration behind invisible bars situation?

Everyday life gives us an opportunity to experience another day of freedom on this planet. This new norm is an incarceration of invisible bars the government enactment called social distance. 

This is life incarceration behind invisible bars impacting our daily freedom to be with co-workers, family and love ones or just hanging with friends. We are limited to enjoying the quality of life as promised by the United States government because of “an invisible enemy known as COVID-19 that is controlling the planet Earth. 

Is this an invisible enemy a “new awakening” message for us to change? Or, is this the coming a “faith awakening” that forces mankind to be kind to each other and save this Earth. We are always seeking answers to, “What makes you happy?” Could it the greatest of all call love?

“What makes you happy? … is a self-defining question starting with your opportunity to understand who you are, your purpose, your core (inner) values, your use of time and the list will continue because there is no “one size” fits all. Diversity embraces humanity, that’s why people are so wonderful! Now is the time to engage yourself into a “self-conversation.” We often complain that there is not enough time in a day to do all the things we would like to do. Time is defined as a noun, the indefinite continued process of past, present and future. Also, as a verb; an action in progress, something happening that is measurable. Thanks to the coronavirus, “new norm” - life incarceration behind invisible bars, the question is, how are you using your time during this “New Norm”?

According to Urban Dictionary, the “New Normal” is: “The current state of being after some dramatic change has transpired, replaces the expected, usual, typical state after an event occurs. The new normal encourages one to deal with current situations.”

What can I Do? Now is the time to start your “self-conversations,” to reveal self-awareness. Record your answers and ask yourself these same questions at the start of a new week and have other to do the same.

Who?  Who am I? Define and describe yourself.

What? What makes me who I am both, personally and professionally.

When? Time! What is it to me and me to others?

Where? Do I start with self-conversation?

Why? Am I asking myself these questions? Why should I care? Who can I help? What can I do? When should I do what I can do? Where do I go to help others?

How? The answers to the 5 Ws (Old School) questions, will reveal approaches to how to share wisdom for self-conversation to help others of humans, including our loved animal species.

Social distancing does not mean disconnecting, but to connect to work together, using all technology. It is our responsibility to love ourselves so we can love others. Keep the faith.


Dr. Linda Brown is CEO/Senior Trainer, Brown Leadership Consulting. Contact her at

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