The Baytown Sun has long been blessed with a large number of readers who recognize the importance of letters to the editor as much as we do and take the time to contribute to the discourse about the issues of our day. To all of those who read and write our letters, we thank you for helping to keep this proud tradition alive.

With some new letter writers in the mix these days, we thought we should remind everyone of our policies and practices for letters to the editor.

Our most important rule is we do not accept anonymous letters. We require a full name, full home street address and phone number for every letter submitted. Only your name and hometown is published.

Letters should be roughly between 300 to 400 words. There is no minimum length, but most of the one- or two-sentence letters we receive are not published because of a lack of substance. The best letters address a single subject and don’t ramble.

Some writers submit two or three letters a week. We believe that quality is more important than quantity. For our limited newspaper space, we give preference to new writers — thus we aim for one letter per writer a week in most cases. Letters generally are published on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most of our other rules are common sense: no libel, profanity, racial or ethnic or religious slurs, personal insults, etc. We do not publish letters on individual private matters like child support cases or business disputes. 

The best way to submit a letter is by email to letters@baytownsun.com.

There is also a letter form on our website under the “Opinion” tab.  You can also submit them via sunnews@baytownsun.com, bring your letter to the office at 1301 Memorial Drive or by U.S. mail to 1301 Memorial Drive, Baytown, Texas 77520.

And remember — all letters are subject to editing. 


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