I would like to petition the Goose Creek CISD board against changing the name of Robert E Lee High School. I am a graduate of the Bicentennial Class of 1976. It is not only because of my personal connection and heart for my alma mater, it is for future generations that I request you to vote to keep the name: Robert E Lee High School as a Baytown legacy. If we submit to social pressures to change our high school’s name it is erasing history and enslaving this generation not to a plantation, but to chains that limit one’s freedom to live beyond the sins of our past.

First slavery was an issue during the Civil War, but it was not the cause. Monuments erected in our nation are set forth as bringing a part of the past to future generations. Not to condemn or offend the future generations, but to educate them of past happening. The only way we move forward is to build on where we came from. We no longer ride a horse and buggy because we have built a history in the auto industry that has advanced to hybrid transportation. We can not live as united, free people if we continue to go back and re-live a time when people were judged by the color of their skin. Haven’t we matured beyond that? 

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