Ray Wilson should also be thankful that President Johnson had the votes of the Republican members of Congress at the time to pass the Civil Rights Act because his fellow Democrats abandoned him. Democrat hero Al Gore’s dad voted against the Civil Rights Act, and let’s not forget Robert Byrd another Democrat hero being a grand wizard. If the blind could only see.

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu

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Alan H

Mr Martin, why is it that you Republican cult conservatives turn everything into a political contest? Mr Wilson's heart wrenching article described what it was like to grow up in a racist America, something most white folks don't want to read about. So instead of you having the slightest empathy for Mr Wilson, you go off your rocker with a bunch of half-baked jabs at Democrats, which is highly abnormal. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was first championed by President JFK, (Dem), and then President LBJ, (Dem) who took over after JFK was assassinated. About 80% Republican and 66% Dems voted for it. Almost every Southern Democrat voted against it, (the Confederacy) while nearly all northern Dems voted for it. Al Gore's dad, (Al Gore, Sr from Tennessee) did vote against it in 1964, but voted FOR the 1965 Voting Rights Act to end discrimination in voting. Al Gore Sr admitted his mistake repeatedly over the years in voting against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. You pointed out a Dem who was associated with the KKK and yes, back in 1960's many southern Dems were due to that slavery thing which caused a war. However, you failed to mention that the Republican Party of today openly supports racism, white supremacy and hatred of people of color. President Tripe hired staff members with associations to white supremacists and even publicly praised the KKK as "good people" after a Klansman drove over and killed a protester. And let's not forget the greatest Dem civil rights hero of all time, Martin Luther King, Jr.


Alan, don't use facts in your discussion with Raymond. Facts just confuse him.


I wonder who the KKK will support in 2020?

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