I request that you do not change the name of Robert E. Lee High School.

Our forefathers thought it fitting to name the school for Gen. Robert E. Lee in 1928. My family and I ( 3 brothers and 2 sisters) graduated from this school and all went on to live healthy and fruitful lives, never once thinking we were racist or apathetic to anyone’s feelings. Tens of thousands of the kids of Baytown have passed through Lee’s halls and on to successful lives. The school represents a historic landmark in their past. They and their families have bought and paid for that landmark in joy, tears, sweat, and taxes for 92 years, and it is a tribute to their continued loyalty and steadfastness. My father (age 86) living on fixed income, still pays his school taxes. He cannot take an increase in his taxes without the help from us, and in our opinion, a hike in higher school taxes to pay for this and not for necessities for the school and education is a waste. After reading your duties and responsibilities as a board member, I have yet to see anything that gives you the right to change the name of any school in the district. It is time for you to drop this agenda and focus on what is needed for this upcoming school year during this pandemic.

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Excellant article Cynthia, these uninformed protesters are sheep following some looney's left BLM marxist idea...


So true!

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