Donald Trump is, aside from politics, the least principled person to ever inhabit the White House. Incessant liar is just one of the few terms that accurately describe the man. Yet many people love him and make excuses for his myriad shortcomings. Why?

Bonnie and Clyde were bank robbers and cop killers. Yet a significant portion of the public loved them. An estimated 50,000 people attended the funerals of the couple. These admirers were mostly regular people, who probably attended church regularly, and had high moral standards for their own behavior. But as long as Bonnie or Clyde only killed cops in far away places, they ignored or made excuses for the immoral actions of the couple. Why?

Maybe both questions have the same answer. All were “sticking it to the man”. “The man” for people who admired Bonnie and Clyde were banks, the symbol for what was wrong during the Great Depression. “The man” for supporters of Donald Trump are the people and groups that challenge their ultra conservative world view. Trump is ‘sticking’ it to the people trumpers love to hate – intellectuals, liberals, scientists, non-whites, the ACLU, brown immigrants, Hollywood actors, poor people, The most prolific Sun letter writer’s main reason for inundating us with Trump propaganda is simply that he thinks it aggravates Democrats.

From the vantage point of 90 years later, almost everyone recognizes Bonnie and Clyde to be stone cold killers and bad for the country. We wonder now how good people could have ever admired such evil individuals. People living 90 years from now will recognize Donald Trump to be a horrible person and president. Those future people will wonder how anyone could ever have thought that Trump was good for the country. The future ‘us’ will recognize that “sticking it to the man” may have felt good in the moment, but long term that attitude almost destroyed our democracy. Either that or the American dream will be history.

Frank Butcher


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Alan H

One thing history has taught us about criminals is that justice will destroy them. Trump is a liar and a fraud and will be remembered as the unhinged misleader who thought drinking bleach might cure the virus. And Republican enablers of this lunatic dictator will pay a heavy price too.


Mr. May, Do you have even the smallest inkling of what a dictator is? Do you really think that a true dictator would put up with the incessant attacks of the media or the Democrats or Hollywood? No, they would just disappear. Obviously you are just another Frank Butcher like moron that thinks they know what they are talking about.


I get, 'sticking it to the Man' and I like it! With that said, President Trump is the most bipartisan President the United States as ever had. To deny this, one would be mentally incompetent to reason and come to a logical conclusion. A person simply can't deny that before, in my opinion a manufactured pandemic, America was experiencing the greatest economy in our history! Sure, President Trump throws his narcissistic ego around, but at least he's a real man with a direction for America!

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