Frank Butcher: Raymond Martin must have really aggravated you for you to come up with all that blather, “Bonnie, Clyde and Donald.” It must have also affected your memory. You said that Donald Trump is the least principled president to ever inhabit the White House. Have you forgotten the sex predator Bill Clinton? I can still see him shaking his finger at Americans and saying “I did not have sex with that woman.” And Barack Obama who left Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team in Benghazi to die and didn’t lift a finger to save them. And he then had Susan Rice make every TV outlet to spread his lies about what happened. You have a strange definition of principles.                                           

Frankie Brewer


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Bill Clinton was not an epitome of virtue when it came to sexual peccadillos, but surely you don't consider Trump (Mr. Grab'em by the P....y") to be a model of virtue. At least Clinton compensated for his moral lapse by being intelligent, well spoken, and well respected by foreign leaders. None of that is true about The Donald.

You have a selective memory. Don’t you remember that the Republican majority in congress instituted a two and one-half year investigation into what happened in Benghazi? How many indictments were generated by those hearings? Come on, Frankie, how many? The obvious purpose of the hearings (10 of them) was to politically damage Hillary Clinton since she was seen as the likely Democratic candidate in 2016. In spite of what you wanted to happen, the hearings did not find that there was any culpability on her part or by extension, Obama. Of course you don’t rely on facts to form your opinion, thus your continued accusations.


Hey N/L, Frankie Brewer is right on. Four dead Americans and they didn't find find anything? I think the four families would disagree. It lasted 26 hours and no help sent. That's a scumbag president and secretary of state, spin that N/L..


OK, N/A. Here's a question for you. How do you explain 2 and one-half years of investigating by REPUBLICAN- led committees that assigned no blame to any person? Somehow, you and Frankie Brewer know more about what happened than all those committees that had access to every piece of evidence including testimony from everyone involved, and data from our intelligence services. Are you and Frankie psychic? Where are the indictments N/A? Answer a question for once. Where are the indictments? Either show me the indictments or give it a rest.


The indictment is the stupidity and low life intentions of Obama and Hillary.


Almost always, N/A, no answer is better than a stupid answer.

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