I encourage the 20 plus Democratic president hopefuls, the DNC media, and the vast majority of newspapers to continue to beat the drum of President Trump supporters being racists and the President himself encouraging white hate groups. 

It certainly worked for Hillary Clinton and we were just “Deplorables” then. 

These new titles for President Trump and supporters will certainly prove effective along with open borders, free health care for illegals, abortion on demand even in some cases after birth, reparations, more taxes on the rich and let’s don’t forget the Green New Deal. I almost forgot free college education, eliminating student loan debt and everyone getting a $1,000 a month. The little children won’t like the Democrats putting Santa Claus out of business will be the only drawback. 

I bet the Democrats will pass a law and all the little children will get free X-boxes to counter losing Santa. What was I thinking?

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu


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Alan H

Maybe the Democrats will ban assault weapons so kids using our "free" public schools will live long enough to enjoy Santa Claus. Hillary almost got it right. She used deplorables to describe Trump supporters. White supremacists is more accurate.

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