The U.S. Government Accountability Office is known as the “congressional watchdog,” The GAO examines how taxpayer dollars are spent and provides Congress and federal agencies with information to help the government save money, work more efficiently, and save taxpayers billions of dollars. The comptroller general who heads the GAO serves that position for 15 years.

Question – If the GAO’s purpose is to watch government spending and save money, why is the GAO sticking its nose into the current impeachment proceedings which have nothing to do with saving taxpayer money?

In September 2010, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, submitted to President Obama the names of four people to be considered for heading the GAO. Three were Democrats and one was Republican. In December 2010, Obama appointed Gene Dodaro, a Democrat, who was one of the four.

The GAO is supposed to be non-partisan. Why did the GAO just now – on the day Nancy Pelosi sent the impeachment documents to the Senate -- report that President Trump could not delay payment of millions of taxpayer dollars to the government of Ukraine. Why did the GAO stick its nose into something that isn’t its business? Is the GAO being non-partisan?  

In his phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump stated that he was not asking for any favors from Ukraine when he asked Zelensky to consider investigating the corruption by Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Unfortunately the Democratic impeachment circus continues.

Jerry L. Jones


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OK Jerry, was anything the GAO said not true? You don’t seem to be concerned with truth. You’re just upset that the timing was not advantageous to Trump. Truth matters, Jerry. Everything else is a diversion. What the GAO concluded was factual. The public needs to know, from as many legitimate sources as possible, that Trump's actions were illegal, self-serving, not in our country’s best interest, he is lying about it (and 15,000 other things), and trying to cover up his actions.

But you don’t care about truth. You don’t care that your president is a criminal. You don’t care that your president is a habitual liar. You don’t care that your president is incompetent. You don’t care that your president is dangerously impulsive. You don’t care that your president ignores advice from his intelligence services and other experts. You don’t care that your president (who avoided military service with bogus bone spurs) called his top military staff “dopes and babies”. You don’t care that your president has symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. You don’t care that your president is amoral. You don’t care that your president’s rhetoric has encouraged racism. You don't care that your president is hiding his tax returns. You don't care that your president cozies up to dictators like Erdogan, Kim Jong-Un, and especially Putin. The things you are willing to sweep under the rug to justify some righteous agenda boggle the mind.

You would be fuming if a Democratic president had conspired with a foreign government to dig up bogus dirt on a Republican political opponent and you know it. Think about it. Hypocrisy is an ugly thing.


Hey N/L has the GAO ever been right on anything? They are a partisan hack group. Obama saw to that. Obama doubled the national debt and you never heard a peek out of them. The top military brass protected Obama and his god awful foreign policy. They became political and Trump called them out. They need to plan and fight wars when called upon and stay out of politics. They should be ashamed of themselves for not calling out Obama and his stupid rules of engagement. That policy killed and maimed thousands of troops and any normal thinking person can see Trump is not going to put up with it. If you can't do the job "Your Fired". Release your tax returns N/L with all your masters degrees. Lets see how smart you are? Quit crying and whining it's really getting old...


OK N/A, so now you are inventing another conspiracy theory. This time it’s the GAO subverting Trump’s master plan. What a joke. Just tell us one thing in the GAO statement that is not true. Gotcha. N/A, your request for me to release my tax return is the most inane thing you’ve said, and you have said some real lu-lus. Come on, N/A. Answer this question. Would you have been upset if Obama had refused to release his tax return? Could it be that Trump has something to hide? If Trump is so innocent as he claims, why has he prevented his staff members from testifying in the impeachment hearings? Why has he refused to release documents related to the Ukrainian affair? Why doesn’t Trump testify? After all, if he has nothing to hide, his testimony would convince everyone of his innocence. I notice your eyeballs are turning brown. I think I know the reason.


Hey N/L why did Obama exert Executive Privilege in the Fast and Furious case against Racist AG Holder? Did that bother you? I didn't think so. Really frankie, get a life....


N/A, true to form, you did not answer a single question. Instead, you divert to Obama AGAIN. When are you going to get over your Obama obsession? Is he still president?

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