To LIVE UNITED you first need to care about your community. Then you take it a step further and get involved in positive actions that make the community better. You may join a group that is working to disrupt the causes negatively affecting family members and friends. You might make a thoughtful donation that is then invested in solutions to the community-wide issues. Some do both. It’s your choice on how you LIVE UNITED.

I think all who are reading this are community-minded and have concerns about their community. Many would like to be involved in the solutions in a manner that fits their lifestyles. Your United Way invites you to be part of the solution. 

United Way works for the betterment of our community and is making a difference. This is possible because of volunteerism and funding for the three focus areas — education, financial stability and health that drive United Way’s mission. In 2019, community impact funding helped nearly 50,000 residents who utilized local program services, which were funded by donations from individuals, businesses and foundations. As the disaster recovery group for our region, United Way repaired 63 homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. United Way’s impact is evident in human service program collaborations and positive results of the capacity-building efforts of local programs. 

To further our efforts, your United Way needs you to participate in one of the upcoming community conversations. The full schedule is found online at To learn more, please call 281.424.5922 x1001. Please join in the conversation.


Melissa Reabold is the Chief Executive Officer for United Way Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County. 

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