How is the self-quarantine going? I got a head start on most of you when I had my hip replacement surgery Feb. 11. Been locked upstairs on my second floor of my house ever since. All the bathrooms are up here and we moved a dorm fridge and microwave up here, so I am set.

Been enjoying the confusion and groaning as many try to work from home, run school from home, and, in general, try not to go crazy with no place to go that is germ free. Good luck.

Television executives decided the best signal they could give to self-quarantine is to do away with the studio audience. I tuned in to see just how funny some of these hosts are. Not very according to the ratings. For the most part, the networks just started running re-runs. Talk about taking the easy way out.

We have really been enjoying the take-out dinner options around here. Several times we had margaritas sent to our home with Mexican food. You can’t imagine how great a professional margarita taste in the privacy of your own home. Dee-lesh. We had no idea take out could be so extravagant. Great deals too. We have wined and dined on steaks, seafood, Greek, and, of course, Italian. 

Stay thirsty my friends and keep your distance.  


Lanny Griffith is an REL graduate and media mogul. Contact him at 

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