Please fact check elected officials before reporting their responses as fact. A newspaper is supposed to more than just a mouthpiece for Chambers of Commerce, industry and politicians.

Good journalism includes interviewing that chair of the Texas House of Representatives Elections Committee about voting by mail. Kudos to The Sun. 

Allowing that chair, Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-Richland Hills), to use your newspaper to distribute misinformation is not the mark for good journalism.

The Sun reported “Klick said other states have used all mail-in balloting, but only in certain circumstances.” That is factually incorrect and easily verified. States that conduct all elections by mail and the state laws that allows vote-by-mail are Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Rep. Klick is trying to convince Texans that vote by mail is impossible because of all the difficulties of implementing it in the midst of pandemic. I can’t think of a better time to make sure that voters and their votes are safe with mail-in ballots and extended voting periods. Five other states prove Klick’s claims to be wrong. That should have been part of The Sun’s reporting.                                 Susan Cummings


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Yes Susan we need to give the democrats more time to find votes they will need in case they come up short again.


Don't mind Raymond, Susan. He's long on opinions but always short on facts. His righteous indignation directed toward Democrats does not extend to meddling in elections if the meddling (see Russia) favors Trump.


Love it!! Totally a hide behind the computer screen type of person that likes to spew the parroted words of trump!! And for the record Martin our opinions good bad or indifferent at least it’s ours and not what somebody is having us to say!!


Thank you Susan for trying to keep these guys honest. If you allow them, they will continue to put out misinformation. Many times, newspapers allow name politicians to print whatever without sources or facts and its people like yourself who help keep journalism a fact based information network.


Hey frankie, except it didn't. Listening to the GeneraL FLYNN situtation? Change the channel N/L....


N/A, I guess Fox News did not cover it. The REPUBLICAN-led senate select committee on intelligence announced last week that their research found that, in agreement with all of our intelligence services, the Russians did intervene in the 2016 election with the purpose of aiding Trump. Spin that, N/A.


Fox News must not have covered it, N/A. Last week the REPUBLICAN-led Senate Select Committee on Intelligence completed its investigation into the 2016 election. They agreed with the previous conclusions of all of our intelligence services, concluding that the Russians did in fact interfere in the 2016 election with the aim of benefiting Donald Trump. Spin that, N/A.


Hey frankie there is gong to be some spinning but it will be coming from the DNC media concerning all the Obama officials that tried to undo the elected President of the U.S.. Another thing N/L nobody has proved the Russians only tried to help Trump. They ran $100K in face books ads, wow crooked hillary spent that every day with her Russian/Steele connections. Coming attraction frankie, coming attraction. Lets see who is President again? Oh that's right it Donald J Trump....


N/A, you have a serious problem with reading comprehension. Your REPUBLICAN committee said the Russians helped Trump, the Mueller Report said the Russians helped Trump. Every branch of our intelligence services said the Russians helped Trump. Yet somehow, you think you have superior knowledge to all of these sources. They may have access to all kinds of data, some of it top secret, but you have Fox News. Bottom line - You don’t believe in forming an opinion based on facts. You believe in hocus-pocus conspiracy theories and your obsession over Obama borders on paranoia. You are embarrassing yourself, N/A.


Actually frankie I guess you haven't heard, Trump was cleared of any Russian collusion, obstruction and whatever else the democrats have dreamed up so far. Acquitted in impeachment. Your right about someone having superior knowledge and that would be Barr and Durham. It's starting to unravel with the entrapment of General Flynn. More to come frankie and lets hope President Trump fires Wray for withholding all of this incriminating information for (3) years.


N/A, you just don’t get it. Trump did benefit from Russian interference in the 2016 election. Do you deny that? Come on N/A, surprise me. Answer a question.

Whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians is an entirely different thing. Your brain impervious to facts, so another exchange on that subject is both repetitive and a waste of time.

FYI, The impeachment had nothing to do with Russian collusion. It had to do with abuse of power relating to his attempt to coerce the Ukrainians. He was acquitted, not because he was innocent, but because the Republican majority decided that his misdeeds did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.


Hey N/L explain to me exactly how the Russians helped Trump. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange swears he didn't get the DNC emails from Russia. He has been hacking and releasing since he was a teenager. He has NEVER been proved wrong nor has he ever been proven to be lying. He said it was an insider he got the info from. That with Comey announcing Weiner's computer with classified info and the fact crooked Hillary was a terrible candidate plus being a scumbag is what put Trump in office. The Russians had no influence nor did anyone collude with the Russians (Rosenstein's words, not mine) makes "your" brain impervious because you are so ate up with Trump derange syndrome you couldn't recognize the truth if it smacked you in your thick head. It's unraveling before your very eyes and you can't see. When Barr and Durham release their findings and Trump is reelected, what are you going to say then frankie?

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