William Carlisle’s recent letter makes me think he reads a different Bible than mine if he thinks Donald Trump stands for Christian values. The following quote by presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says it best: “I do think it’s strange, knowing that no matter where you are politically, the gospel is so much about inclusion and decency and humility and care for the least among us, that a wealthy, powerful, chest-thumping, self-oriented, philandering figure like Trump can have any credibility at all among religious people.”

Mr. Carlisle must also read different history books than I read. It’s no coincidence that the change from the solid Democratic south to the solid Republican south occurred when the Democrats under Kennedy and Johnson supported the civil rights movement. The switch was all about racism, and had little to do with religious piety.

The most revealing part of Carlisle’s letter was his absurd advice to ignore the work of fact checkers, indicating that his opinions may not stand up to truth-based scrutiny. No doubt his alternative advice is to take the word of a congenital liar who has at last count told us more that 9,400 lies in his two years in office. Carlisle’s version of the ninth commandment must read – Thou shalt not bear false witness unless thou art Donald Trump. Truth matters, Mr. Carlisle.

The comments trying to score political points using the non-existent issue of infanticide are disgusting. Any doctor will tell you that late term abortions are extremely rare and only happen in desperate circumstances where the life of the mother is in jeopardy or the child is afflicted with some horrible defect. That is an intensely personal and heart-wrenching decision for the parents. But people like Mr. Carlisle would inject the government into the situation, declare those unfortunate people criminals and turn their pain into political capital. It’s hard to sink lower than that.

My Bible says that Jesus was a champion of the meek, the poor, the sick, the homeless, and the oppressed. I don’t see any of that in the political positions of the Republican party. I wonder if Mr. Carlisle sees that quality in Donald Trump?

Frank Butcher


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Jesus was all about being courteous, humble and kind. He was the standard for a true humanitarian. He provided hope and inspired others to rise to be their best selves. I don’t see any of these qualities in the actions, thoughts and words of Donald Trump. Do you?

The idea that Donald Trump and the bible teachings are synonymous is like saying asleep and awake are the same states of being.



I totally agree, LCL. Seeing Trump sign the Bibles of his sycophants a few days ago was crazy. Maybe they thought Trump was the author.


I have thought to write about this before but Mr. B has said it better than I have ever read. It gives me hope for the future.


Thanks, Dgacosta. It's nice to know that somebody cares.


What Mr. Butcher has done here is spill more acerbic nonsense at Trump that he does any time he writes the paper. Mr. Butcher is a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, nothing more. He is an angry citizen who only writes the paper to spew negative nonsense. If it was his candidate in the White House, he wouldn't be happy because he's not a happy person.


What you have done here is to make it very personal by insulting others. Why not stick to the topic rather than to attack Mr. Butcher?

If you are talking anger no one is more angry than Donald Trump.

It is far less about whose candidate is in the office and far more about how that candidate behaves.


Well done, LCL!!!


Bert, I think the world needs more sounding brasses and tinkling cymbals when it comes to Donald Trump. I hope the noise I make is loud enough to wake some people up. For those in a Trump coma like yourself, no noise (i.e., truth) is loud enough.

FYI, I never wrote a letter to the Sun before Donald Trump was elected president. You should note that all of my letters are responses to letters written to praise Trump. I feel it is important to stand up and let people know that not everyone has swallowed the orange Kool-Aid.

Whether I agreed with previous presidents or not, I respected them. I can’t respect an amoral, egotistical, narcissistic, lying, incompetent fool whose impulsive actions threaten the well-being of this country. The fact that you apparently have no problem with Trump’s character does not speak well of you.

I find it interesting that you did not contest anything in my letter as wrong.

Since you don’t know me, I don’t think you are in any position to judge whether or not I am a happy person. However I would be inclined to agree that Trump’s latest idiocies can put me at least temporarily in a bad mood.

I look forward to Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020, and no longer feeing compelled to write letters to the Sun.


Thanks Frank. I could not agree more with your analysis on needing more loud music. How others reconcile Donald Trump's behaviors with their Christian values defies any logic or spiritual understanding I can grasp.

There is an interesting parable called Joshua: A Parable for Today written by Joseph Girzone. It is a profoundly moving, deeply inspiring book that catches your attention. It's one of those books you don't forget reading.

Girzone a retired priest writes about Jesus coming back and the failure of Jesus's followers to truly live the gospel. However, Jesus's followers are completely unaware of their short fallings.

Grizone's perspective may be the best way to explain the rise of Donald Trump and Trump's marriage to evangelicalism.


Thanks again, LCL. You write well and make good sense. I should check out that book. Like you, I do not understand how Christians can embrace the evils represented by Donald Trump. Accepting evil cannot be good for the church.


Yes, you are an angry person and it shows in very letter you write. I see your name in the letters to the editor and I put you right there with the other curmudgeons who write partisan nonsense. You still have at least 5+ years to keep writing the paper and they will welcome your vicious attacks on anything Republican with open arms. Don't expect to convert anyone to your pipe dream though or you will stay in a roiled mess. You offer no solutions to anything, just like the leadership of the baby-killing party you embrace. So sad that you believe all the ridiculous verbiage of Nancy and Chuck. Talk about sympathy for the devil!


Baytown Bert anger pervades your responses. Is it your intention to come across with so much hostility?

You can disagree with someone politically and still be civil. All the divisive language is exactly what our country wants to get away from. Unresolved conflict is what's killing our democracy.

There are many of us who are very centered disavowing bad political conduct on either side of the aisle. I happen to be one of those moderates.

We are all entitled to support whomever we want to. We are not entitled to insult one another.

I bet you have a lot more in common with Frank than you may think you do. For starters you both live in Baytown, like me.

No one can predict the future. What we can predict is if we don't all start acting like adults Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam are the ones who suffer.

Lighten up and try to find some common ground. Good Christian values and Jesus asks us to be tolerant, to ask questions and to not judge. Can you do that?


Wow, speaking of angry persons, that’s you Bert. “It shows in every comment you write”. Partisan nonsense? Truth is not partisan unless you think like a Trump supporter.

“Baby killers”? Name-calling is not only juvenile, it’s a sure sign that you are at a loss for any substantive arguments. But I guess you are just emulating your leader. For the record, I do not support abortion except in extreme cases, but that choice is not mine, it’s not yours, and it’s not the government’s. The Democratic Party supports a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. The Democratic Party has no position on abortion except to defend women’s rights. Do you know any woman who has undergone in vitro fertilization in order to conceive? Do you refer to them as “baby killers”?

When you get all your news from Fox and Breitbart, it’s understandable that you think Trump will win in 2020. But I have faith that the majority of the American people know right from wrong, good from bad, and will recognize that Trump is incompetent, and represents the antithesis of American values, and will relegate him to a scary footnote in the history of our country.

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