The NFL players state they are not protesting our flag, our country, or our military when kneeling during our national anthem. Many football fans refuse to watch or support professional football because of this disgraceful act, including myself. Well, how about this for an option. Both teams come out of the locker room and stand for our national anthem (after all they claim they are not protesting this.) Then they can take a knee for 8 minutes and 46 second to protest. Or better yet, they can kneel the whole game in protest.

Mary Fleming

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Organized sports is shooting itself in the foot and most of us are ready to watch them self-destruct from the sidelines. They can take all the knees they want, as I won't be watching.


Well said!


Maybe those that believe in "taking a knee" should listen to some "commonsense" at


Y'all need to get out your bubbles. The show will go on, with our without you. I don't know who "us" is, but it's not as many as you think. not even close.

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