This past week was interesting. 

My daughter had a one-hour layover at Hobby Airport on her flight from Orlando to Los Angeles. She had spent a week with my mother in law, who lives in Kissimmee.  When she flew from LAX to Orlando, she had a one-hour layover in San Antonio and we talked on the phone about me driving to San Antonio to visit her at the airport. We both agreed that was too far to drive.  

On learning she would be at Hobby for an hour this past week, I hopped in the car and headed out to meet her. 

Never mind the TSA rules where I can’t go in the gate without a ticket and she can’t leave the gate for the terminal without going through the whole TSA pat down stations.  I wanted to see my daughter while she was in Houston! 

Sure enough, the only way we could be together is if she brought her carry-on luggage out of the gate to the terminal and got reticketed all over again. 

It was a one-hour layover, Gate 47 was about a mile from where I was, and the TSA line was, of course very, very long.

So instead, she sat at her gate eating barbecue from Pappas, and I sat outside in the terminal picking at my plate of barbecue talking on the phone.    

At no point did either one of us bring up the painstaking security measures post 9/11 that would keep people separated at the airport. 

That has never been an issue. Instead we enjoyed our conversation and talked about the next she she’ll be home for Thanksgiving.   

As I started walking back to my car in the garage, I realized what a beautiful clear morning this past Tuesday was and my thoughts went back to 9/11 and how clear the sky was and how routine the world was back then. 

All that has changed now.  


Lanny Griffith is an REL graduate and media mogul. Contact him at 

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