Future Congressional District 36 Congresswoman Dayna Steele took time out of her busy campaign schedule to sit down, share some Iguana Joe’s Tex-Mex, and spend time with my mother, Lori Contella, and my 85-year old, lifelong-Republican-voting Grandma Lou Barton on Wednesday. While Dayna could have chosen to go big and hold a group luncheon somewhere for a much bigger audience, Dayna and her campaign manager Scott saw fit to give two of the most incredible women I’ve ever known some solid two-on-one time. As I’ve heard it told, there were talks of shortbread cookies, women’s rights, and ensuring the betterment of our country involved. 

It’s those little personal moments and touches that make the biggest impressions, and knowing our future Congresswoman carved that time out for one or two constituents should tell you exactly what caliber of a person Dayna is. She might be running for a big office in Washington, but Dayna is keeping it real and is truly involved with the people she is fighting so hard to represent locally. 

Dayna’s command of the facts and her ability to lead the charge to protect our livelihoods are truly admirable; further, her willingness to represent all people, on all sides of the party line, without caving in to partisan rhetoric and mud slinging, are more of what we need in this country. We are far too polarized and divided when we should be unified in our vision for a better life for all. 

It’s time to put the name calling and hostility aside and begin to heal, and I believe Dayna Steele is a part of the solution. Vote Dayna in November.   

Robert O’Sullivan 

Deer Park

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Susan Cummings

Absolutely we should vote for Dayna Steele. She actually has a plan to represent us ALL to Congress. I'm all for reaching across the aisles and shaking hands and getting to work. Dayna will do that.

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