I am puzzled. I see young people parading around giving the old Nazi arm salute, chanting and carrying torches. I am an old woman and remember the Nazis lost World War II. That makes them losers. I don’t understand wanting to be a loser.

The Nazi leader Hitler was such a coward that he killed himself when he lost the war. He didn’t have the guts to stand up for what he created.

When Allied soldiers wanted souvenirs, they had to get them off the trash heap because the Germans were so ashamed of being sucked into such ridiculous ideas and becoming losers that they dumped the symbols of Nazi. I remember the first English words they learned was “I no Nazi.” 

I did not read this out of a history book. I lived through that war in the 1940s and remember the losers weren’t us.

I guess that makes our ideas better, diversity works. Think about it young people: Nazis were losers, losers, losers big time.

Ann Donato



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Good points, Ann. We live in a diverse society. It's not going away. We need to embrace that diversity and work to include all who are willing to work hard to create a prosperous future for themselves, regardless of their ethnicity. After all, I doubt that any of us would want to live anywhere that didn't have good Mexican food. :-)

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