On Friday, October 18, 2019, Leslie Gallagher, Executive Assistant to the Lee College President, was in San Francisco, California, along with seven Board of Regents and myself, to receive the Western Region Board Professional Staff Member Award from the Association of Community College Trustees.  This national recognition is the result of Ms. Gallagher’s outstanding service to Lee College and to the Board of Regents. It has been a pleasure to work with Leslie for the past eight years, and I can attest to her high level of professionalism, extensive cadre of skills, and strong commitment to the College, the Board of Regents and students.

Leslie Gallagher distinguishes herself in many ways, including always keeping the Board informed, being highly organized, and well prepared to advance the important work of the Lee College. I have known many great leaders, and I can tell you that Ms. Gallagher’s leadership skills are exceptional. She has a way of bringing calmness, providing helpful resources, and is extremely detail oriented.  Her efforts have been instrumental in advancing the institution. Her strong support of the Board includes valuable guidance and offering innovative ideas to improve the College.  Leslie is someone you can always count on.

Leslie is a servant leader at heart.  Her dedication to advancing the mission of community colleges is remarkable, and she is greatly admired for it. Ms. Gallagher is student centered and uses that drive to help provide leadership and support to the Board, the President’s Cabinet, the community, and me.  Leslie stands out among the very best in the country.  She exemplifies the amazing characteristics you would wish for in a lead board professional role.

Leslie Gallagher is one of Lee College’s shining stars. She goes above and beyond to support the campus community daily. Leslie has seen first-hand the value of higher education, and continues to advance her own educational goals by recently completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Human Resource Management.  We are proud to claim Leslie Gallagher as a Lee College gem!


Dr. Dennis Brown is President of Lee College. 

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