Many of the products we use every day are considered hazardous. They can be readily identified by certain signal words such as “danger,” “warning,” “caution,” or “poisonous” found on their labels. These products can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment if not disposed of properly. 

The City of Baytown Health Department is sponsoring a “Electronics and Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day” Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the City of Baytown Storage Facility, 1200 Lee Drive (corner of Lee Drive and Riggs Street).

This event will give residents an opportunity to clean out their garages and help the environment at the same time. By bringing unwanted, hard to dispose of and out-of-date household hazardous products to the drop off site, citizens ensure the items will be properly disposed. 

The following hazardous waste items will be accepted: paint products, pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and filters, antifreeze, gasoline and fuels, household cleaners, solvents, car batteries and pool chemicals.

The following electronic waste will be accepted: televisions, computer monitors, laptop computers, CPUs, printers, scanners, fax machines, telephones, stereos, and VCR and DVD players.

The following items will not be accepted: business waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, PCBs, dioxins, ammunition, explosives, compressed gas cylinders, smoke detectors, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, brush or general household trash.

Safety Tips for transporting materials to the collection site:

• Bring household hazardous products in their original containers, if possible, and do not mix products.

• Make sure containers are properly sealed and labeled correctly. If the container leaks, pack it in a larger container and use absorbents, such as cat litter, to soak up leaks.

• If possible, place all household hazardous materials in cardboard boxes.

Residents are encouraged to show their support for the cleanup of Baytown and the protection of the environment by participating in the proper disposal and recycling of electronics and household hazardous waste items.

For more information, contact the Baytown Health Department at 281-420-5384 or visit

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