Can we talk politics without insults?

I want to set something on the table and anyone who bothers to read anything I write, please take a good hard look.

We are living in a time in history in this country 10 times more confused than elucidated. Many have no idea who to listen to, so I am going to clarify something, so maybe we can have educational intercourse and maybe an exchange of ideas and dogma.

Bashing anything anyone writes or says by name-calling just lowers you. It lowers you. It makes it personal, when many times the reader has no clue who wrote it, their state of mind or even their intent. 

We have freedom of speech folks and exercising it shouldn’t make people try to kill, maim or slander you and your family. I defend the right of anything any American says or writes, but that doesn’t mean I agree with them.

On a routine basis I submit comments and letters to The Baytown Sun, only to have a select few call me un-Christian, a liar, a criminal, and an idiot. They’ve even drug my bride into their tirade and called the police on me, claiming I threatened their life. Never mind that they do not address anything I wrote. Have we lost the ability to be civil? Do we not know or practice the Golden Rule?

Make no mistake; emotions are high, because there is a lot at stake. Like Mike Meyer’s SNL character asked, “Can we talk?”


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Right on Bert. Remember the phrase 'You can't reason with a fanatic"...

Alan H

Bert, I wonder if you even comprehend what you wrote. Trump does all the bad things you're saying a select few are doing to you. Trump puts out hundreds of Twitter tirades filled with insults, lies and conspiracy theories. And now you're whining about things that were implied about you. Since you blindly support a lying president with criminal core values, it is likely that many perceive you to be the same. And your overuse of words like anarchy and civil war certainly opens a window into your anti-government thoughts. Are you also claiming that someone called.the police on you just for writing a letter to the BSun? Or did police actually consider what you wrote to be a threat? Tell us more. It is unfathomable that you are offended by perceived insults against yourself, but glorify a criminal president who does it everyday.


Yes Bert it's sad when you run across a self centered low esteem person that can dish it out but can't take it. My parents warned me about this and it turns out they were 100% correct.

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