Big hugs to everyone who works the holidays. I do not miss the retail years when I worked at Marshall Fields in the Galleria. I came to loathe the holidays. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, you worked like crazy to make sure your shelves were stocked so when you came in Friday you didn’t have so much to deal with.

I barely remember Thanksgiving and Christmas Days because the football games were on, the food was good, but all the tv commercials were about retail sales.  Sheesh. 

Fridays after Thanksgiving the crowds are outside waiting to walk off some of that turkey in your store or elsewhere.  In the Galleria, it was murder because mall walkers were trampling each other to get out before the real shoppers got in, and God help anyone who came between those two groups.

The Friday shoppers were an angry group of worn out folks exhausted from cooking, sick of their relatives, and using the mall as an excuse to get out of the house.  All had a ton of coupons stuffed in their purses to use up and down the mall.

Wednesday when you left the store, the music was basic pop music but when you returned on Friday, they were piping in Christmas music at screaming decibels. As much as I love the occasional Christmas music, I sure learned to hate it that time of year.  I have no idea how my friends at Sunny 99, KODA can work in a place that plays nonstop Christmas tunes starting in November. 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and please be kind to people who are working through the holidays. 


Lanny Griffith is an REL graduate and media mogul. Contact him at 

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