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• Cheers to the Texas Legislature and Gov. Greg Abbott for turning a dream, Cody’s Law, into a reality. The law, named after former Crosby student Cody Stephens, will promote the education and encourage ECG testing. Stephens passed away from Sudden Cardiac Arrest during his senior year. In an effort to create awareness, Stephens’ parents Scott and Melody created the Cody Stephens Foundation. They also played a key role in promoting the legislation.

• Cheers to Baytown Police Officers Clint Holden and Troy Crawford for putting value in the service aspect of their job. The two officers responded to a false alarm call at the residence of Barbara Risner. Holden and Crawford noticed Risner, 76, was fatigued and offered to finish mowing her lawn. Well done to both officers. 

• Cheers to Wismer Distributing and all those who work tirelessly to ensure the Texas Bud Heatwave 5 Mile/5K run is a success. For the second year in a row, the event took place in Mont Belvieu and continued to become acclimated in new surroundings. The race drew over 900 competitors along with rave reviews for all those who took part in the traditional holiday event. 


• Jeers to the Blue Bell bandits. We are talking about those people who were either dropped on their head as children or did not get enough attention and have decided to act out. In this particular case, it involves going into a store, take a gallon of Texas finest export and lick the ice cream before running off. What kind of sense does this make? Can’t some of these morons just sit outside a Dairy Queen and beg for change until they can buy a Dilly Bar? Meanwhile innocent consumers suffer every day. Cheers to the first district attorney who indicts these fear-mongers to the fullest extent of the law.    

• Jeers to President Trump for lying to military service members: “You also got very nice pay raises for the last couple of years. ... You know, it was close to 10 years before you had an increase. Ten years. And we said, ‘It’s time.’ And you got a couple of good ones, big ones, nice ones,” Trump said  June 30 to service members at Osan Air Base, South Korea.

In truth, Trump has been spreading this falsehood for more than a year, soaking up cheers for something he didn’t do. In May 2018, for example, he declared to graduates of the Naval Academy: “We just got you a big pay raise. First time in 10 years.”

U.S. military members have received a pay raise every year for decades.

Trump also boasts about the size of the military pay raises under his administration, but there’s nothing extraordinary about them. Several raises in the past decade have been larger than service members are getting under Trump — 2.6% this year, 2.4% last year, 2.1% in 2017. Raises in 2008, 2009 and 2010, for example, were all 3.4% or more.                             


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